2012 New Evidences

Can dead scientists and authors be used for proving anything? Yes, they can be used. That is the answer of the doomsday experts. Now is the turn of Albert Einstein to be dragged into 2012 doomsday theories.  Some expert say Albert Einstein was able to predict the polar shift of 2012. Is that so? Now the doomsday experts are turning Albert Einstein into an astrologer.  Carl Peterson makes such claims in his book Earth Changes.  Carl Peterson has written several books on various subjects published under his own company.  May be writing a book can change the fortune for better.  And Albert Einstein’s name can make the book to look credible. But the fact remains there, the book may end up being loaded with too much of noise.

Carl is no expert on the matters of geology and astronomy.  His book’s summary points to various interesting facts but why you need Albert Einstein to prove the point?

Thousands of the people try to search the new evidences for possible/impossible 2012 doomsday.  None can say, it will occur or it is just a hoax. The evidences so far, point to the bad science and the articles being borrowed, twisted facts, manipulated meanings of the symbols and several other such bad terms which do not make any sense if you try to examine them.

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