2012 Pole Shift or Pole Reversal

I tried to understand the 2012 theories which are based upon the pole reversal or pole shift which can (according to dumb experts) lead to 2012 doomsday.

The commonly known pole shift event is known as geomagnetic reversal.  I really have no idea where this dumb idea of pole shift got generated.  Anyways, Let’s look at more closely.  According to doomsday experts the pole shift can happen overnight and can change the destiny of the earth.  These doomsday experts have no clue of why it will happen. All they say it will happen.  It does not take anything to cook the stories but intelligent and dumb stories do have something that makes them readable.  The trip to 2012 after pole reversal ( according to experts) is something like beginning of dark-age again. One expert forces you to imagine the world without phones, satellites,  GPS and almost everything that has been invented. There are many experts of pole shift theory who have one world to say IMAGINE!

The solid science of polar shift has no means to tell us that it is going to happen in 2012. It falls in the same category where scientists and research labs can not predict the next occurrence of volcano eruption or the next time when tsunami hits the sea.  It is not even better than weather science.  Doomsday experts may have their data to prove that polar shift in 2012 is real. But the statical science is not standing with them.  According to the history of earth, it has seen 17 pole shifts so far. Many people confuse about the magnetic poles and geological poles. Both have slight difference.

Let me point to few things. The so-called pole shift is always occurring.  If you travel on earth, you would find that the true North does not exist. The magnetic poles change their position according to the place. Another, the value of gravity is not same everywhere.  Similar is the case with the length.

The basic question is, if poles are going to interchange or shift, what would be the degree of change. Many people confuse that it is going to be 180 degree change.  It may not be so.

I really do not buy the theory that everything is going to vanish after the pole shift. The qualified scientists can conduct the experiments in the labs to see the effects.  The present man-kind has not seen any of such events so far. It is difficult to say who is right or wrong. But one fact remains unchecked. Is it really 2012 that is going to witness the pole shift and cause doomsday?

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