2012 Prophecy

What is a prophecy. According to the dictionary and other sources, prophecy is a message communicated to a prophet which prophet tells to the world.

Now which prophet predicted that 2012 will see doomsday. None!

There is no substance and truth in the 2012 theories. All such prophecies for 2012, have been weaved with fragmented theories and fragmented information from here and there to prove and misguide the people.

Mayan prophecy for 2012 is based upon the calendar which is interpreted by the experts to suit their motives.  Were Mayan people prophets? No and they do not qualify to be the prophets by the definitions.  They created a calendar which was for their time-line. The other fact is that there are several such calenders and the books of the past which are used for making absurd claims.

Somebody points to biblical prophecy 2012 which is again based upon the fragmented interpretation of bible.  Why churches do not oppose such absurdity?

Nostradamus’s theory for 2012 is another example of  spinned words to suit the other ends.

Can a prophecy be real? I don’t think so.  Here is why.  Many such theories lack the substance and have no basis to be tested or proven on the scales of time and science. The funny thing is, all experts can offer you reasons for the events of the past. When their own prediction goes wrong about future, they do not come out and apologize to the world for misleading.

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