2012 Safest Places

Many people are looking for the places which would be safe in 2012.  It is beyond logic why people are looking for such options.  If 2012 doomsday theories are correct then there is no such thing called safe place in 2012.  Many people want to build bunkers and doomsday proof homes.  How? There is no clue. Only speculations and the fragmented knowledge is there.

If you go by the parameters then for 2012, the safest place on earth is doomsday vault of seeds in Norway.  Doomsday Vault of seeds is an inventory home built under a mountain. It can withstand any type of attack of the most modern weapons. If any place is the safest then it is the doomsday vault for staying in 2012.

There are many companies which are selling the space in bunkers. Don’t fool yourself. You must not panic. Nothing is going to happen. Just in case if something happens or you notice something happening. Take a trip to nearest mountain range away from sea. You are petty much safer there. You can follow simple survival tips. Just do not loose the common sense.

The best way is to look at the map of your area and you can figure out where to stay when natural disasters happen. Keep yourself updated with the latest information.  And last, be assured that doomsday theories are just another hoax.

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