2012 Strange Things

Many people believe that strange things will happen in 2012.  These beliefs include that some big fireball will come and hit the earth. Some people also think that aliens may come to earth. The doomsday theories are too heavy to make sense.

Logically, there is no possibility of any fireball coming to earth and hit our lives.  Small sub-comets and the particles hit earth almost daily. 2012 is no exception.

There is no news from scientific community pointing to the fact that strange things in 2012 are going to happen.

2012 may have some discoveries to be made under the animal life which is growing under the deep sea.  Some creatures are facing extinction already and are vanishing each year. There is no significance of all these things happening out of turn and strangely in 2012.

The garbage of theories related to doomsday 2012 needs to make many things clear and none of those experts stands up and say that he will take responsibility if nothing happens in 2012.

There is no such thing such as Planet Niburu or doomsday facing earth.  Strange things do happen but in dreams of the people and wild guesses which are found unfounded always.  You must take logical approach to understand the power of rumors and stupidity which is displayed by so called experts.

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