2012 Supernova Review and Mistaken Bias

Should Someone Make a Movie on 2012 Anymore?

In 2009, there was another movie which was release its name was 2012: Supernova. The movie was directed and produced by someone called Anthony Fankhauser. Coincidently he is author or the story as well.  IMDB offers 2 stars in rating and the other viewers point that it is badly made movie.  Rotten Tomatoes does not have review yet.  The plot revolves around the burst of a star and a desperate scientist struggling to save humanity.  Thats on this movie.

Why movie like 2012: Supernova fail to get the attention and probably great value in ticket sale at the theaters.  Most of these movies lack the plot and story-line. All such movies are trying to prove that movie has got a superman and he is available to save you. These plot-lines have been exhausted so much that it does not sell anymore.  Another problem is of mistaken bias. Mistaken bias is here, the author begin to think himself an expert of astro-physics and geology. None of these guys want to pay an expert but lonely geologist sitting in remote lab. If you are making a movie on science related subjects and want to make sense, you need someone with credible sense of facts.  Nevertheless, movies fail, books fail and so so-called experts fail. All because nobody wants to check the facts.  I think, it is because most of these guys are trying to snatch a pie from the bigger cake of 2012 related sale which they think is present. Nobody did a calculation, how much worth the total market is.  A badly attempted movie with low budget may earn money to cover its money which was spent on production.  Beyond that, the market for badly cooked stories remains grim. And this movie falls in that category sadly.

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