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No Spaceship is Approaching Earth in 2012

There are several rounds of the rumors which are running the mills. Much have been written about the 3 Giant Spaceships approaching earth. There are three co-ordinates which are in spotlight this time. The has been referred as the starting point of these three large objects which are being understood to be spaceships. The story in circulation pointed to someone who worked at SETI. Now, SETI has come in open and has denied the completed story as false, baseless and fabricated. Read here. . So, this spaceship issue rests now for good. But there are other issues which are cropping up. The spaceships if ever true would not be visible that way they are in the images on the web.

As the year has begin on good note midst the stories of economic problems and of course the Olympic this year. There are some serious issues which are gripping the world. This is not about Harold Camping coming back again. His quote of verbal spat is already over. He is resting and is of course better with the money which his last campaign generated. The biggest challenge is to save the people from the hoaxes which are coming to the front almost daily. The worrying part is, media is grabbing those stories and playing them on various channels of TV.  It has counter effect as some people still believe that crap which is presented though it comes with a disclaimer but people ignore that and start believing the news which is false.  This is what that makes us worried.

So for now, that news of space ships coming to earth in 2012, is false.  It is good but certainly people are disappointed. Better they are than making lots of people sorry.

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