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Is Doomsday Confirmed? No It is Bad News.

One friend A tells another friend B that he is afraid because he got a bad news. He goes on explaining because he saw a doomsday documentary on TV which had the theme that world is going to end in 2012. Visibly upset friend B asks A to replace the old TV by something like LCD. Friend A jokes, LCD would not turn bad news into good news. This scene was there in the Bollywood movie titled “4084″.  It is also true that LCD or LED would not stop the doomsday from occurring if it all so true. But for sure, the advanced TV would certainly give you the clearer picture when you watch doomsday documentaries aired by dubious channels.

4084 or be it something else. The real doomsday has been poured upon the doomsday writers by Harold Camping. The doomsday preppers may be still in the beautiful town Bugarach. The worst part is logics fail to deliver the wisdom. Even the staunch supporters of doomsday theories are on their knees now.  It is not doomsday is longer a threat.  Who knows doomsday is credible threat and may occur. These are so theories which have no confirmation from anyone. The mainstream media is not either interested or the disinterested. Yes, John Titor still makes news.

So, it does not lead anywhere now.  So what is there in the doomsday stuff now.  Some TV channels in Nepal are still showing those doomsday programs.  People in Nepal may not be believing this crap which is making news and being pushed to them in the name of news and entertainment.  Is doomsday worth of entertainment value?  This question was relevant some years before.

Doomsday’s entertainment value has been exhausted by the movie already. There is nothing there. The public may not be ready for another movie on doomsday of 2012.  It is not happening anymore.  No big studio would risk investing in doomsday movies  now. There is no money in this theme any more.

How media looks at this scenario now. There is deep sense of disappointment among the sections of media. Harold Camping took away everything and electronic media and news publishers are now empty handed. It is a thought that a guy came and he took everyone for a ride including that person who sold his everything to wait for failed doomsday of may 21, 2011.

Doomsday has not been confirmed. Is it a bad news? Yes it is for newspapers and TV channels along with websites which support doomsday.  A failed doomsday is certainly a good news for rest of the world which include you and me.

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