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Doomsday January 01 2017 or 01012017

How credible is the threat with this new doomsday. Doomsday01012017,  Doomsday03,  Doomsday20170101 are the same names and forms of the term given to Doomsday January 01 2017. Last failed doomsday was in 2012. There is roughly 5 years of difference to new date. Let’s examine to see what it is actually.

Angel Gabriel has been associated with this prediction by unknown sources but credited to The Sword of God Brotherhood. I seriously think that both these associations are wrong and factually incorrect.

The first doubt is on the existence of The Sword of God Brotherhood. This particular group may not be in any form these days. Or may be just few believers grouped together.

The other doubt is, even if The Sword of God Brotherhood exists today. Why Gabriel will choose this group. Angel Gabriel had access to great prophets and other great personalities in his time-line.

What is predicted by this cult is that only believers will survive and all others will be dead. This is great plan to increase the membership through unknown fear.

Choosing 01 January to base the doomsday prediction is a bad idea.  The new year must be celebrated with hope and enthusiasm.  Why these same people do not predict the next earthquake. The reason is, their being proved fraud, the chances are greater. With doomsday prediction, they always say that they made mistakes in calculations and here is the new date.

Just do not worry. Nothing is going to happen. Relax. Follow your plan.


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Jeane Dixon Predicted Doomsday 2020 2037 Prophecy

Jeane Dixon Predicted Doomsday 2020 2037 Prophecy.

The end of the world event had found date with the earth in the past. As many creatures existed here and vanished without trace. Dinosaurs are the perfect examples. The earth has re-invented itself several times in the past. Many people in the past predicted that end of the world is near. Most prominent was Harold Camping of family radio who predicted very strongly that world will end in 2012. The world did not end. Mr Camping died in 2013 because of natural causes of death. His death was not result of any doomsday event.

Then now, a new date has emerged somewhere between 2020 and 2037. That’s a long stretch of 17 years for the prophecy to come true. Jeane Dixon predicted that Jesus would visit earth to remove Anti-Christ, Satan and false prophet.  There are many predictions of Jeane which have not come true.

There are serious issues with this prediction. If Jesus visits earth in 2020 then he would need to clearly identify the three entities which would need to be finished. We have not seen any clear indications so far that any of these three entities are true. These seems to be figment of religious texts and imagination of someone.

As per several sources, her most notable failed prediction was 1962 end of the world event. It did not occur. There are several theories and later claims of calculating dates wrongly.

Jeane is not present around this time on earth to defend or provide us any compelling evidences to support her theory. There may be some followers who may link the theories to unrelated world events. Apophenia is the term which defines the events which seem related but are not. Or the unrelated patterns seeming to make some sense. 

We have seen enough of humanity related talks in the past leading to 2012 doomsday event. Lots of experts were talking crap that time. It is just matter of time now when 2020 event of doomsday catches up with con artists and several books will be written on this subject. Each book claiming the utmost and ultimate book of truth on doomsday 2020 subject.

An advice to the readers, just use your own common sense to figure out everything. The doomsdays are impossible to come in the form and way the doomsday experts predict.

The events of earthquakes and other natural calamities come suddenly and cannot be predicted. It is an irony that none of these experts predicted the next earthquake successfully or even tried to do it.

Relax, nothing will happen like it happened in the past.


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Dating advice and tips for fat women and girls

Dating advice and tips for fat women  from fat ladies and from the people who love fat women and would certainly date them.  The thing you need to remember is, fat is not bad for dating. Over obesity is certainly bad not only for health but also for dating situation as well.

Here are top 10 myths busted first about fat ladies.

  1. Myth: Fat ladies live with low self esteem.  Truth: Almost everybody on this planet has experienced the phases of low esteem. The fat ladies are not overtly affected by it. It is pretty normal and healthy. The fact is, the fat ladies bounce back faster to normal self than slim ladies.
  2. Myth: Fat ladies eat too much. Truth: They do not eat more than they can eat. In fact some fat ladies just eat to survive. They are not over eating always.
  3. Myth: Fat ladies love sweets. Truth: Some of them do not like sweet at all. You must remember the state of being fat is not about eating sweets or too much of food.
  4. Myth: Fat ladies suffer from bad health. Truth: They generally do not suffer than any average person on the earth. Their health issues are very particular but not extreme.
  5. Myth: Fat ladies like drama. Truth: If you notice the lead actresses or number of actresses in drama serials or drama movies, you would not find many. The fact is, fat ladies can see through the drama and tantrums and they know the exact reasons all the time. Gifted with extra sensory powers to figure it before anyone could do.
  6. Myth: Fat women have mood swings. Truth: They are consistent in their behavior and are live with balanced mental health. The good news is that fat ladies prevent many mood swing related incidents, like be it at party scene or home. The fat lady would be the first to offer peace.
  7. Myth: Fat ladies do not achieve much in their career. Truth: You would know just by facts when you google. Fat woman CEOS or fat female celebs. The career is not about being fat or slim. It is about confidence and presenting yourself well. In these areas fat women have scored well.
  8. Myth: Fat women do not attract the right person. Truth: There are several thousands of men who like plus size women. It is just matter of chance and destiny when and where you meet whom.
  9. Myth: Fat women breakup fast. Truth: Their relationships are stable and for longer duration. They are less likely to breakup as they are contended with emotional bonding.
  10. Myth: Fat women can not become slim. Truth: There are countless examples of women who have shed extra weight and became their best again.

Here are top 10 tips for fat women and girls who are looking to date Mr. Right.

  1. Get your hair adjusted according to your personality. Your hairstylist can do it for you.
  2. Wear black dresses with loose fitting.
  3. Stop using dark colors of lipsticks. Use shades which would go well with your personality and dress. The shades of lipsticks make you curious person for observers. The gloss brings warm touch to smile.
  4. Be you and began to enhance the real self.
  5. Be socially approachable.
  6. Never be angry in public. Learn to avoid the people who are not suitable to you.
  7. Begin to go to the places where your age group mingles or is available.
  8. As you initiate yourself in any relationship, go along with the flow. If you are aware of your mood swings, learn to deal with them.
  9. Never underestimate yourself. Treat yourself very well. Attract right kind of people.
  10. Understand your partner and share the great vibe.

Fat or slim are just the physical states while the relationship is a mental state. If you take care of emotions very well, the physical stats are not important at all.

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Dating Tips For Fat Guys, Frustrated Men And Introvert Intellectuals

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