21 12 2012

People are searching for the news and views about 21 12 2012 aka 21/12/2012 or Dec 21 2012.  Almost everyone wants to be sure that nothing is going to happen.  The hype around this particular date is so much that it has become perfect time for many people to rise and raise their hands and say that “look at me, I am exert”.

There are several motives behind such theories. There are few things to clear. One of them is, nothing is going to happen on that day.  The pole shift in 2012 or a planet hitting earth has no possibility of occurring and disturbing our lives.  This site has explained in greater details in earlier posts why the hyped stories are bad science.

There is no credibility of such news  which appear in the media and in many countries the channels are airing such programs which are just made to bring the viewer-ship to a boring channel which is begging the advertisers to support it.

Almost all the news papers publish at least one news related to doomsday in 2012.  Every third day a new site is born which also shouts that doomsday is coming.  These ventures are one of scams which are trying to cash on the fears of the masses. You do not need to be worried about doomsday because the experts who predict and claim, are still living in the same houses and have no plans to shift to safer places.  If you happen to meet any doomsday expert, ask him about his plans of saving himself. His face will draw blank and you would know that an expert is just words and nothing more than that.

So have no fear!, Enjoy your life!. Do not let these bad experts affect our lives.

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