23 Months to Pray until Doomsday 2012

January 2011 has just begun and it trails to 23 months until so called doomsday of 2012 finds it destiny.  Is this time to pray?

As I write these lines, There are special prayers going on in many places which are urging god and good souls to save us.  I received private message from someone who is working with PeaceJam organization to raise fund to help the people.  I am not sure of their purpose or raising funds but the message tells me it is for the people in many countries.  The religious groups have taken notes of 2012 doomsday related issues. They still are not clear of their stand. Like Someone in Vatican still needs to come out and support of deny the claims of doomsday experts. Other religions are also in the same state.

On the individual levels, when someone watches the coverage on TV programs related to doomsday, one shivers with the fear. The fear of death and suffering is the worst among others.  Many people are remembering to pray next morning to save them if it all true.

Some special prayers for 2012 doomsday may already be in place. Some psychics are working overtime to devise the best mechanism to help others. Some god-men are also busy with the work of writing special prayers which could be handed over to the people.

In many countries, people have already begin to meditate like we heard the case of in-flow of the people at mass level to Bugarach in France.  Lots of people are gathering there to pray and meditate.

As the time would go on, more people are expected to join the groups to pray.

We need to understand the mechanism of such gatherings.  If one has interesting thoughts, he can always find supporters. Like minded people get together and they ask others to join by active advocacy of their thoughts. The result is group of people who believe in  a particular theory such as doomsday hypotheses. Praying is good but praying under the state of fear is not good.

Special prayers for 2012 doomsday or SOS messages specially written to ward-off the fears,  may or may not yield results. We would never come to know whether our prayers were heard.

Some people argue that power of prayer can postpone or remove the doomsday for ever.  In the times, when every expert is struggling to get attention, the silent prayers may still be good for others who do not wish to spend money on the books and supplies.

If you are serious about doomsday, just get the regular prayer and focus on loving god without any fear. God is always with you.  Have no fear. Pray like kings are supposed to do.

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