About Survival in 2012, useful resources at this site and linked ones

If you are interested in learning about survival in 2012 , You can use the following posts at this site which tell you how you can make it and remain on the planet earth for longer time.

I quote following four posts for anyone who is willing to use the information for surviving any natural calamities.


Just2012.com has been of the view that doomsday is a false event and is not true. However, it is good for people to know how they can survive the natural disasters and other issues.

There are thousands of the sites which have linked just2012.com to their pages and other resources.  It is advantage of having the visitors from all over the world and read what must be on fair side.

If you are thinking of linking this site to your site and pages, Please keep in mind, Full text copy is not permitted because that would violate the copyrights of this site. You can post summary with outgoing link to original post at just2012.com

Survival in 2012 is all about knowing what works for the humans and what we should do when there are situations beyond our controls. It would make right note to see that doomsday experts are wrong and they do not know much about how to make it living.

This site has been on the middle path. It does not oppose or support the doomsday ideas. Its role is to analyze the different stories related to doomsday and offer the readers balanced view so that readers are not confused about the misleading information which is propagated by doomsday experts.  It has been great to be liked by thousands of the readers and our pagerank is the proof of the fact that just2012.com is on the front of doomsday related sites.

It is good to see that just2012.com is doing its job and will do better in future as well.

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