Absolute Guide to 2012 Doomsday

Can there be a serious guide to 2012 Doomsday?

If theorists and doomsday experts are honest, they will not write books.  Every expert has his own theory of doomsday. However, there are many doomsday guides in the book market and online.  The subject of doomsday has been blown out of proportion and you get several thousands of the books written on the subject.

Do these guide writers know more than you do? Absolutely not.  How they are writing these guides? Borrow something from old books mix it well to make new theory and you get a story to tell to the world. Once the theory has been established than comes the expert who will tell you how to save yourself. The mutually exclusive relationship between theory and how to avoid it, exists in the same book. I did not find such book which honestly talks about doomsday subject.

Absolute guide to 2012 doomsday does not exist on earth. Even if doomsday is true, guide can not be made based upon that. Many people take the published books little seriously. It should not be so.  Most of the experts of doomsday do not like questions to be asked. And if you ask them they throw you in the loop which does not end at the honest conclusion.

The guides of 2012 doomsday are no more than trash and have been written just for being the part of the larger pie which comes with selling the books.

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