After Doomsday 2012

Many people want to know how it would look like after doomsday 2012.

First, read the definition and meaning of the word Doomsday. It means that it can be any catastrophic day or judgement day according to the religious scriptures.  Any event which has wide spread negative impact leading to the complete chaos and the destruction at large scale can be called doomsday.

Let’s go with this definition to understand how it would look like after doomsday 2012.  Earth has very long history of the existence and has seen many events.  The big animals like dinosaurs used to exist and they are no more here. The history of earth has been shaped by the events which have changed many things about the existence of the civilizations and the species.

One thing did not happen to earth is, the complete wipe out of the species. The earth is still here and has the life which is evolving and further branching to other forms as well. Lets assume that doomsday comes. In that case there would remain some survivors. The complete destruction is not possible in any of the scenario.  A doomsday can not affect the complete earth. There are no events and signs which are visible. Let’s go back to the prediction of the scene after doomsday.  Here are some ideas how it can be.

  1. Survivors will form a unified command to rule the planet.
  2. The existing and the old rules of the world would help the people to get back to the changed life.
  3. The nature will again test the rule of survival of the fittest and new evolution begins from here.
  4. The fitter and healthier species will survive the tough natural conditions and will develop with resistance to the existing situation.
  5. The new social system emerges but the control remains in few people. That may brings the age-old slavery conditions back to societies.
  6. The unified command would have its own limitations to reach others. It may take several years to find all the survivors all over the world and unite them together.
  7. As noted in earlier posts, we might need the new rules to govern the world which would emerge after doomsday.
  8. Present day world is very complex in nature. The legal and the status will take time to return.
  9. The currencies may be floated to have the one currency all over the world.
  10. The doomsday conditions can also spark the riot and chaos with anarchy after doomsday. In the absence of the government it would be impossible to control the people who would emerge powerful to rule others.

These are my thoughts based on the doomsday ideas and theories to note that world after doomsday 2012

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