Alternate Plans for Public if there is no Doomsday Plane for you

No Doomsday Plane for you. Do not Worry. Follow the Simple Guidelines to feel and be safer.

It caught the attention of several people when ABC published an article on Doomsday Plane which is meant for keeping the high and mighty protected and taken them in air for several hours to days. Well, people like you, me and several thousands in the world may not be that lucky or better say chosen one to get to safer skies.  In other words, can there be still the safety arrangements for people who do not have access to doomsday plane. In first glance, it does not look possible but if you look at it little deeper from the point of view of survival and your ability to use the natural resources, it all looks possible.

For the poor people, I had posted several articles in this site so that everyone can read them and use them whenever deemed.

You can see all of them here

Even if you are not able to afford the basic gears to protect then also you can use the natural instincts to guide you and be at the place where things are secure. I have put enough material on this site which can be good for you for surviving without getting in doomsday plane.

For the matter of facts, we are humans, we will always remain on earth. The human race will always be here no matter what happens.

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