Another movie this time

Last time when Day After Tomorrow was released, people loved to watch that movie. There was hot debate over climate issues. Koyoto Protocol was once such article which was grabbed by media and non-signatory countries were seen as major force behind the global warming. Interestingly this time, it is a movie on Dec 21, 2012. And just 9 days after,  Koyoto protocol expires on December 31, 2012.

Does it mean, 1o days to save the world or we were really warned to save the world before Koyoto protocol ( Read Political tool) expires the same year.

Koyoto protocol may not be this time in focus, I am guessing what it could be that movie is going to bring with it.  And I sincerely doubt whether people will remember this movie in year 2012 too.

Movie is coming on 13th November. I would try to understand how it educates a common man like me who is trying his best to understand the bad science of movies and hyped expert opinions.

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