Apocalypse Now! Trend Meets the Doomsday Loses its Rapture

Sometimes even the best moves do not increase the tempo of interest among the masses. The Apocalypse Now is considered as one of the greatest movies of all the time.  Recent failed doomsday by Harold Camping and soon after that a new date did not surprise many people on the blocks. It so happens every time when a prophecy goes wrong, the false prophet says, I can bet this time, you are gonna doomed. Well, we will learn to ignore the false prophets someday. That hope is equally loose as the news of sensationalism still gets to our nerves. Why are we so much obsessed with end of the world?

There had been some stories in almost every culture and religion predicting something or the other. Even if they don’t smart guys claim they do.  The doomsday trend is on the decline and its worthiness is for the questioning for several people who thought doomsday is going to be big earner for them.

A trend marketing guy and one who can understand the cycles and time waves, can make the sense of what way it is going this time.  It is certainly down the slope for the trends of doomsday media, movies, books and other related things.

It would be late to say that doomsday or apocalypse or better to say rapture as media event has passed its date now. There are thousands of the people who lost their earnings and some of them badly invested in doomsday, are looking to find the lost grounds.

Right now, the things have silenced to murmurs and whispers. There are no big size drums of the doomsday. Even if they are here, they are quiet.  They are not making any noise.  Is world happy after failed doomsday? Yes, It is! The beautiful world is nice place for anyone who has resources to feel great here.  For others, it is struggle on one or other plane.

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