Are Aliens and UFOs Running Some Websites? Do such websites exist?

It is a hard-debate and gaining momentum. According to some conspiracy theories, the Aliens are already present on earth. It sounds little bit off-track. But for a moment if we agree that such possibility exists. Then, next natural question would be, are these aliens have their websites and other online ventures.  I am trying to explore the possibilities.

A website can even be registered by someone who does not have his identity proof.  The point is that, you do not need to be existing physically to have the website.  If aliens have money to pay the registration sites, the domain can be booked. The other step is to get the hosting. The same point is true for this as well.

The only thing which works for Aliens and UFOs in this case, is that they do not have to establish their true identity because that is not a requirement. Having said all that, the question is, are there some sites which are being operated by aliens? The natural and most honest answer is, ‘I do not know’. But there are someways which can be used for discovering if some sites have Alien imprints.  The points are here:

  1. Alien operated sites would not have their correct address filled in registration details.
  2. Aliens would be able to manage the whois record of their websites.
  3. They would need to learn English or the languages which are spoken on earth to establish their online base.
  4. Such websites would not look like operated by humans. They would be running with bots and other things.
  5. All such sites would be heavily automated for doing many things.

The important question is why aliens would like to have the websites and online presence.  Well, it is not necessary to have sites for them. They would have email ids and other stuff. The point is that online presence would help them to learn faster about earth and life here.

One would think of why aliens need to be on earth in first place. Well, there are many theories which have given hints why it is so.  According to the doomsday 2012 theories, the aliens may be interested in saving us from the fate.

It is a general view that aliens operated sites may exist but it can not be said with certainty that such sites exist. The time will tell the answer of many questions and others which include the possibility of Aliens being on earth.

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