Are Bible Study Sites being Misused by Doomsday Experts?

If you look at the sites which appear in Google being in the top 10 results with the words “Judgement Day of October 21 2011″, you would be surprised to see the first two or three sites are just related to Bible Studies.  Why these sites have agreed to become the mouthpiece of the doomsday experts? Only the site owners can explain.  Also, many sites which are promoting the doomsday themes have got their whois details masked. It is done so to protect the identities of the persons who do not wish to come forward and own the responsibility. Good move. You gain a lot of things and without being responsible for the misleading the people at mass level.

Also, there is no protest against such use of the sacred text which is well respected and worshiped in many countries. Are few individuals using the religious books to prove their hypothesis of doomsday is correct.  All can be said is that God is not with them and certainly not guiding their so-called research to find out when the doomsday is going to come.  For example, Harold Camping proved that his studies and researches were meaningless and he was certainly miscalculated the things.  The media is to blame because it made people like him heroes out of nothing. If media stops paying attention to doomsday experts, you would see many of them would go out of business.

The sensible approach of without touching the religious books among the doomsday experts, is not very much common.  There are many sites which are promoting doomsday themes with borrowed text from Bible.  Bible is being used by those people for their personal gains.  Is that right? Who cares? At least doomsday experts do not care if they are right or wrong or their conscious is allowing them to do so. May be they are ignorant to know what they are doing is  not religious activity.

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