Are Doomsday 2012 Experts Popular?

The Game of Retarded or Intelligent and Spooky World.

Many doomsday 2012 experts roam with boosted ego and they do not like uncomfortable questions being asked to them. That’s the profile of an intelligent looking, well suited, author of a doomsday book, having a face with convincing smile but short tempered and intolerant doomsday 2012 expert. I have seen many of these experts keeping low pitch of voice when they speak. It is because they have learnt that sermons and doctrines need to be delivered in most compassionate ways.  Many people get confused and start believing like these doomsday experts have been sent by God to deliver an important message (doomsday experts claim to have message). In reality, many of these so-called doomsday experts have not attended college and know about science in quantum of less than 3rd grade student. Their knowledge about earth, geography, history and astronomy is a shame.  So, what these smart heads are doing there. As almost of all of them have message and it has a cost. You have to buy their books to know more of that special (secretly told message, exclusive to them) message to get to the bottom of what they are saying or trying to tell you in coherent methods.

Lets go back to stats of their popularity. Look at Google search stats, these doomsday 2012 experts do not have the number in the index.  For example, Daniel Pinchbeck  is searched less than 10 attempts on Google per week. The rest of the experts do not have better standing when it comes to know about their real worth.

Let’s come to the other methods of evaluating data which is little statistical.  An average doomsday expert is supposed to have some fan following which constitutes his own friends and some paid sites which feature articles about him. Some media appearances to boost the sale of the book. Well, It is also for real, an expert does have detractors as well. The effect of both is neutralizing each other.

The real worth of best selling doomsday author is just few thousands.  Let’s give you another piece to think. You would not find a doomsday 2012 expert who has become rich by telling it to the world that end of the world is near. You need to look at them with the statistics. Their thoughts and ideas do not match what science says. And top of all, All doomsday experts think that they are supreme powers and they must rush to save humanity.

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