Asteroid 2005 YU and Comet Elenin Expected in November 2011

Some of the things do not relate well but they seem to be credible threat. Asteroid 2005 YU and Comet Elenin are being written about on the web. There are some references of NASA as well. These two bodies are expected to pass near the earth in early November 2011 or late October this year. Are they credible threats? For now, if we believe the available data, yes they are.

They are very large objects which have enough power to destroy earth. Asteroid 2005 YU is supposed to be the record holder as the next occurring of the large object of its size is not going to pass before next 17 years or so. There are some distances which you can find discussed on the web. I have read most of them. They do not point to the possibility of any major destruction but there are other parameters which are worrying the observers these days.

These two celestial bodies may bring the large amount of dust and smoke with them. The tail size of a comet is big enough to last several weeks.

Can it be said, these are going to be doomsday carriers? No, Absolutely Not. They are not and must not be linked to theories. We need to wait until more data is available. That may take time. Just in case, you are interested to know the NASA’s version of the developments, read the page here :

I and my site do not support the doomsday theories in any manner. I am trying hard to educate the people so that they do not waste their time and money on the doomsday related hoaxes.

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