Asteroid Apophis is not related to Doomsday of 2012

Apophis asteroid is in the news again. In the past, NASA has revised the scale and data several times. It is supposed to be small asteroid but if it hits the earth, it can bring the havoc of the scale which would be enough for creating big lake. It has impact date sometime in 2036 which is far later than 2012.  It has no relation with doomsday of 2012. So earth has now different date of doomsday like scenario which is primarily being debated by the scientists and experts alike.

There are serious plans to save earth from impact of apophis. It is over 2 decades away from now. The technological advanced defense products would be beamed in the space either to destroy it there or its direction will be changed. Russia has serious plans to deploy the systems which would monitor and destroy it.  Apophis would be visible around 2029. It has path lying from Africa going to Asia.

Asteroids are bad news for earth. There have been many smaller asteroids which have hit earth. Several species became extinct after the massive impacts in the past. There is disagreement among the Russian and NASA scientists over the possible dates of impact of Apophis.

The hopes are pinned on the scientists and several space agencies which would find a way to save earth.

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