Atomic Doomsday Clock, is it real?

Nuclear Doomsday Clock and 2012 are not related.

The doomsday clock is a symbolic clock to keep the world in the state of warning that present day and the future development of atomic and nuclear weapons can destroy the world and lead to doomsday, made and manufactured by humans.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists contains 19 members. Most of them are Nobel laureates and have their degrees and the thoughts on the development of the weapons. The board maintains a clock which shows the time elapsed and the advancement. The clock is adjusted to forward and backward depending upon the developments in the world. In recent move, it was adjusted to 5 minutes backward.  The clock has been adjusted 18 times in the past.

The clock was developed and made to exist in the realms of scientific societies in 1947. Its creation was to show to the world that the race of weapons can bring the the end to the world.

Well, this doomsday clock has not got to do anything with the doomsday of 2012. As already stated, it is symbolic only. The clock is not based upon any theory or the calendars. Similarly, it has not connection to maya, inca or any other theories.

It is certainly a good way to give a wake up call to the world and tell the countries that you need to stop the race of weapons. More weapons will not do any good. At the same time, it is also important to protect the countries which do not have these weapons.  It should not be the game of  who bullies whom first.

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