Aztec Calendar 2012, What is it?

Those who are scratching their heads on the new term Aztec. I found this keyword when I was looking site stats. Some one reached to this site using this keyword. I was amazed to see this word. I thought what is this new thing called Aztec.

I Googled around and found that Aztec is also called as Mayan.  Aztec is more polished name given to the pre-Columbian civilization.  Aztec Calendar 2012 is the same calendar which is referred as Mayan Calendar.   So what it means. It means nothing because if it meant something, it would be best known to Aztecs.

Actually, more polished and alien words are discovered to make it real that people start believing in hoax stories.  And if you join hands with some dull Phd guys, you bring some credibility to false hypotheses.  More boring expert, more real story becomes.

Does Aztec Calendar predict end of the world in 2012? No. Authenticity of Mayan Calendar is shrouded in mystery and the lesser known facts are available. There are no incidents which point to anything so far. World looks like going on its path. There is no deviation of any type so far. Be it Aztec or any damn calendar, it does not make sense at all because there is no science behind such theories. Read on this site, there are many posts written on this subject.

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