Biological Changes in 2012

I tried to find something related to biological changes in 2012 because if doomsday experts are right then it would show on the biological side of the world as well.

After spending 2 hours on Google, my search did not reveal anything which is worth mentioning here.  All I found was an ebook written by someone Sal Rachele. Sal wrote that book in 2007 and he sells its copies from his website.  As I read online more about him. His ebook does not even explores the biological changes but he mentions in metaphysical style that some changes are bound to happen. There is no trace of logic in his claims because he cites the reasons borrowed from religious books.

An expert borrowing science from religious books leads to bad science and it does not even accounts for reading free of cost.

In reality,  are there any biological changes happening all over the world?. Answer is not pretty straight. Evolution theorists point out many facts as they inform us that evolution is continuous process and some minor changes in biology of the world do take place every second.  There are no major biological changes attributed to 2012. Biological changes in 2012 are not at the large scale.  Most of the changes are explainable and do not point to any doomsday reasons.

The researches are going on all over the world on the biological changes which are occurring in the organisms due to natural process but none of them is linked to doomsday theories.

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