Book Review 2012: Modern Mystics Speak

Danijela Kracun and Charles McFadden are two writers who have their books focusing on subtle subjects and topics such as arts and meditation. Their earlier work includes Creative Glass and Spiritual Gardens. The same writers bring the best of the well known spiritual people speaking about Doomsday of 2012.

2012: Modern Mystics Speak is an important book from the several angles.  There are 24 God-Men like figures telling you how it is going to be if Doomsday occurs.  If you are looking for the credible voices on Doomsday, this is the book for you. It must be in your collection not only from doomsday point of view but also from the spiritual angles.  It is fantastic reading material when you are seeking the relief from the theories.  It is smooth way of telling the people not that the lies but the love and compassion are the keys to mutual future which is so true for any age.

Why I am not criticizing this book.  Keep doomsday word separate, this book is excellent because in no other book, you find so many well known and learned men coming together on single subject. An interesting book for sure. You can get the book on kindle from Amazon. It has been repackaged to match the screen size of Kindle.

I liked this book for its subject and material with open mind. Although, I do not endorse the views of many of those learned men who have been referenced in the book, yet, I would rate this book above average. At least this book does not repeat the theories and garbage of doomsday experts.  I would say, if you are looking for views of several well known preachers of many religion, the work of  Danijela Kracun and Charles McFadden is good for reference.

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