Can a Psychic Fail to Predict 2012 Doomsday?

Some of the psychics are rich and wealthy. It does not mean the equation is similar between wisdom and prediction.

The business of fortune telling is without doubt a way to become rich just in sometime. There are many big and celebrated names in the field.  Most notable is Sylvia Browne. She is so much popular that every third person has heard her name.  I have watched her shows on TV.  TV shows are different classification. Most of these videos are recorded in studio where everyone has time to correct what he or she wants to say.  May be, Sylvia is true psychic, over the fact of the her prediction it does not seem so that there are any threads joining the world of reasons and logical. And most important the lab test of the psychic abilities.

Her books have generated enough hype in the publishing world. The book in question is End of Days. She writes something for next 50 to 100 years. The similar lines of Nostradamus.  She mentions something about Biblical Prophecy.  Come on!, Don’t tell us Bible predicted the time before it could come in to existence.

Sylvia Browne must have made very calculated move with this book.  She may have devine powers to predict the future but you need to see that Sylvia Browne’s predictions for 2012 doomsday are supposed to be incorrect.  A true psychic needs to shield himself or herself from the sentiments of being published and sold in the market.  Entire hype around 2012 doomsday is seriously flawed.

The issue is most of these writers and psychics lack basic understanding of history, geography and theory of evolution. They have their own laws of physics. They mix the folklore and the bits of science so well that it becomes a polished crap which is ready to be published and sold in the market.

In science circle, it is noted phenomena that you must stay away from the prediction. Any expert predicting next 100 years is not believable.  You would not find very big names in the business of scientific prediction.  Prediction is good and if you can polish and present that well, you are best seller author.

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