Can Doomsday be Quantified?

Bringing real math to Doomsday theories to solve some of the mysteries.

Quantification is an expression of heuristics and other logics in the form of numbers which can be applied to linear and non-linear systems to predict the possible outcomes. It helps to make the scales and judge the role or parameters.  It is not that complicated stuff. Doomsday theories are missing the parts and the systems which can offer some variable to apply to the established existing systems of equilibriums and other laws of physics.

Lets consider this, doomsday is going to be an activity which would disrupt everything.  This is very general statement.  One has to go deeper to understand the parameters which can make it possible.

Also, you need reference points of the past data to judge the possible outcomes in the future. So far, this all seems that it is academicians duty to do so.  Lets go back to the question, Can doomsday be quantified?  Answer is no. If it is quantified,  the results are going to full of errors, mis-judgments.  Quantification is not pure science. It is still not fool-proof way to put the numbers right.  The solar flares, water woes, tsunamis,  earthquakes and other such natural calamities are still out of reach of the process of quantification.  Several attempts have made to understand them in the past but it is not even near the results which can be relied upon.

In case, of doomsday of 2012, quantification can offer some clues if not the complete picture. It is better to know and see something than being completely blind.  If someone plans to run the montecarlo engine on quantified data and variables, some interesting aspects would certainly be visible.  If someone planning to do so, I may help. I have some variables which can be used for predicting few outcomes of natural calamities.

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