Can Doomsday be Sold? Especially May 21 2011 or Something

We held a discussion with the group of people and asked them what is the possibility if doomsday can be sold to someone. The group and its member were not of the view that doomsday can be sold because it is not a tangible product. Agreed. What about this. If someone has an idea which can be linked with Guerrilla Marketing and wishes to sell that to someone. Will that work? That may work. Though, there are very few possibilities whether someone would really invest the money in doomsday related ideas and wait to see the returns.  In my views, Harold Camping and his group has long been in  the business of predicting the End of  the World.  It is good to see that this time Harold has the funding from someone who would be willing to fund the idea and share the returns.

Sounds good. So, in practical, the  doomsday of May 21, 2011 can be sold and it can be objectified for showing the investors that if we do it rightly, there is money. You need to consider the cost of hiring billboards which is not very cheap. The more of campaign and more of hype would lead to the right results. You may make money through various revenue models.

I know many doomsday site owners who make nothing and their sites have Low traffic and Zero earnings so far.  I sometime think, why someone would come half prepared in the game and would not get anything. All sold ideas which have been dealing with doomsday are going to be ineffective post May 21, 2011. The failure of prediction would cost very high. You need to see that Harold Camping’s half measures and his failure would be costly affair for many site owners and for the people who are believing in him too much.

The verdict is, Doomsday ideas can be sold to investors. It all depends on how you do it.

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