Can Gliese 581 be used in Doomsday Events

And Save Humanity with relocating to Gliese 581g if something happens on Earth?

Some people argue that discovery of Gliese Solar System is not a chance.  Their main argument is that scientists would be able to find a way by 2012 to transport humans from earth to Gliese 581g which is earth like planet.

Gliese series of discoveries has sparked debate of finding intelligent life in space. The space researches are continuing with several projects their back.  One of such Project is SETI which is trying to detect the WOW signal and if they get it, it would mean that someone exists who knows to transmit radio frequencies on the earth.

Coming back to Gliese and its doomsday aspects. If doomsday of 2012 is true, then scientists have to really work hard day and night and find out the best way to go there. Right now, it is going to take several years and not without the airships and shuttles.  The hopes are dim of finding something very fast which is faster than the light or some alternate way to reach the stars. Although, many mechanisms exist but most of them are on the papers. Few theories hint at the possibility of using the worm holes and black holes to accelerate the travel.

Gliese 581g discovery is in very initial stages. Scientists are figuring out what is there and how it looks. Certainly, all over the world, there is renewed interest in the life in outer space.  Someone need to figure out the best way to reach stars which must not take years.

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