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DIY: Art of Bullshitting 101 Step By Step to becoming PRO

This is do it yourself guide to How to become pro at bullshitting with easy steps. Here we explore this subject and find out the best way to master the art of  bullshitting anyone at anytime and anywhere. You can begin anywhere, let it be streets, ATM queues, hotels, bars restaurants. Once you master it, you feel unbeatable.

Lets begin:

Step 1 : Understand the difference among bullshitting, sarcasm, criticizing, negative feedback and others.  Bullshitting can be used as tool to make you appear super confident who can not be confronted on anything. Remember your confidence is key to everything. Keep yourself available to learn new things and be receptive. Remember your goal is not make somebody feel idiot or stupid. Your main goal is to establish yourself as smart person who is capable of doing things his own way.

Step 2 : Practice small. Find an unknown topic, subject, matter about which you do not know absolutely nothing. let’s say, You know nothing about tea bags except that you dip them in hot water to prepare tea.  Weave a great narration around it. Suppose that you are going tell the people, the essence of using tea bags after they have been used. Can you do that? Yes you can !!! Try it. Find similar other subjects.

Step 3 :  As you begin to speak to someone, begin with their name. First few lines must not be about the subject but the problems with subject.  Travel them through their own issues. Read them and throw it back to them. It will make them feel home. You would appear to have the solutions to their problems. Offer them little and bigger hopes of finding solutions with you.

Step 4 :  If someone asks you question. Ignore them for few seconds and them come back to them with following sentence, “You have a question for me”, “What is your question”.  Or better,  “Are you asking me a question?” . Say nothing after that, wait to hear it from them. Most of the people mellow after they hear those sentences from you.

Step 5 : Improve with time and practice. Remember that your aim is not make someone feel emotionally low.

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Silently Experts in November With No big Doomsday News made no headlines

November has been very silent month for the doomsday and its features. So, there had not been many news pieces arriving from the close quarters. So, what it means. It simply means that public is no more interested in this theme.  The public can go on having fun with the hoaxes.

Next month is December when this event is supposed to appear.  Like me, there are many people who are pretty sure that it would never come. What we can draw from here.  It is the shame time for the theorists who have been shouting from the roof tops. It is certainly the doomsday for their wisdom.

The themes lead no where and it takes to perfect round circle where we see it does not make any sense to be in this theme. What it means for the people who invested. Blame Herald Camping for exhausting the theme prematurely. Part of the blame also goes to movie 2012 because it came too early.

How to read for the people who are still there in Bugarach. Well they need someone to go there and explain the things clearly.

How Chinese people are taking the doomsday news. They are serious and the disturbing news have begun to arrive from there. Nothing is happening in our skies for sure. Be assured that it is still the fine days for us all. You need to believe your wisdom and move on.

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May 2012 Doomsday Daily Update for World and its Cities

There are many new pieces which are being reported in various sections of the media this time. May 2012 for doomsday theories has been a very slow month. The internet traffic is slowing down to low numbers. It is getting to a point when keeping doomsday site would be difficult. It is the economics of the sites which is not allowing the doomsday theorists to survive at this time. It is an estimate that doomsday theories will return to mainstream soon after July 2012 this year.

We are going to report the doomsday news daily now. And we would update the pages until December 21, 2012 this year. Beyond that we will see what needs to be done with this site.

31 May 2012

Guardian Express reports that a body of mermaid has been discovered. It may not be related to doomsday at all. There are wide spread doubts whether this news is true. The month of May ends with this update. We will move to June tomorrow.

30 May 2012

Someone named Rocco Leo is again in the news because he has been abandoned by his lawyers. Rocco Leo is considered to be one of the doomsday theorists. Mayan civilization is again in focus but this time for the correction of history and various records.
29 May 2012

Japan is in focus again and some media resources reports that Japan doomsday flights taking place. Chess with the Doomsday Machine, a theatre play is being staged in Canada. It attracted the attention due to its name. NY Times has also linked a story with doomsday.
28 May 2012

There are some stories in new sections arising from Germany advising what to do if doomsday occurs and how to prevent it. Some people are trying to convert the empty shells of Missiles into shelters. That is not very much of great news. Yes, it is different but not useful.
27 May 2012

Wyoming realty sector is seeing the spiked demand of the houses which can withstand the doomsday scenarios. It is good to note that people have become safety conscious due to doomsday theories. Though the news pieces also reports some unpleasant happenings due to doomsday theories. It is good that these things are not reported here. To note a happening here, Jesus did not return as claimed by Paul Begley and this event also proved to be mere speech and words gone waste.
26 May 2012

CNET reports that doomsday proof houses have been sold already.

25 May 2012

Paul Begley is making some waves with the claims of Jesus returning to the world. It is not very huge claim, may be there is some basis behind this. Though, it may not be true but it is certainly interesting. Some local media picked it up. Rest of the world is just ignorant. A big question, Are we ready to receive Jesus if he decides to return? May be Paul Begley has an answer.
24 May 2012

Economic problems arising from Greece are being equated with Doomsday and some experts think that it is a doomsday of finances there. Some experts are pointing the differences between what Mayan Calendar explains and what doomsday theories are. So, there is clear divide among the theories.
23 May 2012

Discovery News Network mentioned something about Planet X 2.0. It gets no where for other theories. So, for today, that’s what made news.
22 May 2012

Sony launched a Battery which can be recharged by rotating a simple handle by hand. Many doomsday experts are saying, this is the device for keeping the mobiles running in case of doomsday occurs.
21 May 2012

Doomsday is not in the news today as it gets to the core that doomsday clocks are wrong. So, what is correct? Nothing is right as far as doomsday is considered. It does not get straight from here but it gets more over beyond making any sense now. Same day last year, Harold Camping had predicted the end of the world. It did not end because
20 May 2012

Bugarch a French town is again in the news. This time it is in spot light because of rising issues there. You could very well imagine what would happen in town which was not disturbed prior to the hyped doomsday theories. One still fails to understand where it all started.
19 May 2012

Doomsday Superman series may be on the corner to come and of course it would be instant hit among the movie lovers. There are some great news pieces circling around this theme. It makes great reading material for any one who is interested in doomsday themes.
18 May 2012

Some doomsday clocks are running at great speed. The irony is that all of them are false. There is no doomsday and if it is there, then it is not being reported rightly. Everything you heard about doomsday is false. The doomsday news from mainstream media is dying down with each passing day.
17 May 2012

Doomsday Smallville may be a game but it is not relevant what we perceive as doomsday. You may be mistaken to believe many other things which are not even related to the theme. The Mayan may be somewhere in heavens and they must be thinking what they meant in their scriptures and what world is understanding.
16 May 2012

There are many songs which appeared either mentioning doomsday or something about that. Nicki Minaj has a song which features doomsday. There are other singers who have written doomsday lyrics. So, wait for sometime when you would get the full albums featuring doomsday.
15 May 2012

Are there any more movies planned on doomsday? May be some movie productions are taking place. Though we do not hear the news about sequel of 2012 movie, the main movie had some prophecy and some weird cartoons featuring and showing you what happens in Yellowstone Park. In the movie, there was no doomsday device and of course there is no such thing in reality.


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Why does Public not think Doomsday 2012 is Real?

It has been chaos in the doomsday theories and theorists are going mad because journalists and media are not picking up the noise anymore. As the date draws closer, the noise is fading away.  There are various reasons behind the death of doomsday theme.  Public does not think it is real. The main reason behind this thought is because Harold Camping lied to public and supporters or made some genuine mistakes in calculating the doomsday date; the result is the theme is gone.  There is no game now. It has all evaporated in thin air. Everyone hoped to have various colorful views from the crazy doomsday experts. None of that is happening now.

The public perception is playing big role here.  The maya calendars and some of those invisible planets have been pushed back to history.  The public has begun to think that everyone who speaks about doomsday is a hoax and is trying to get the money by misleading lots of people.  So, the public does not believe what an expert is trying to say.  The doomsday forums used to be full of threads until last year, now the situation has changed as nobody is posting any material now.

It is the time for the people to return from Bugarach as well and leave the beautiful town the way it feels natural. Public’s patience has run out now.  The biggest and worst hit has been taken by the stores which thought they will be able to sell the things.  Those supplies of doomsday are no longer in circulation.  It is all because public is not ready to listen to what lots of people have been saying. Or the either way, the public expects better liars.  The existing doomsday experts are bad liars. They are not not even entertaining now.  They have become dull and media has lot interest in them.

The cover on secret doomsday theories was blown out of proportion and too early.  Like move 2012 doomsday was released much before its actual time to do so.  Now is the time for all those movies.  The doomsday experts are not even looking better than the jokers in circus.  There is nothing in this 2012 doomsday theme now.

The world is slowing down a bit and the acceleration of events is losing its speed.  It is expected that over next 5o years the development aspects of the world would tend to become slower.  The doomsday theories can not be left behind and of course the theme needs a super hero to get it revived again.  So far, it is not going to happen.


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Why Doomsday Bunkers News is Fake and Hoax?

There are many possible reasons to believe Doomsday Bunkers are hoax.  

If you go by the information presented here logically, the bunkers do not make sense at all.  Search on  the web in the news sections of the search engines with the keywords doomsday or doomsday bunkers, you get nothing.  The media attention is gone. There is no news reported on doomsday by the  newspapers and news channels in the recent past.  Now, consider the cost of those hyped doomsday bunkers in the realms of present calm realities, only crazy would buy those bunkers. Since the world is not full of crazy people who would buy the bunkers worth of millions, there are various possibilities.  The first  strongest possibility is that companies which were constructing these bunkers may have abandoned the project already because it does not make sense commercially. Yes, you guessed it right, Bunkers are not piece of art or the painting on the papers. The bunkers cost real money and if there is no danger why to get in the deep space for no reasons.

Ok, even if you believe, those bunkers are reality, the business sense does not make them proposed worth of business and money to even attempt.  The layouts, prints and online images of the bunkers are very different from the real bunkers if they exist. The existence of those bunkers is doubtful.  Has anyone seen those bunkers in real? Those companies which are supposed to build those structures, must bundle the media together and take them to tour the underground facilities. What is the harm? nothing. If those bunkers exist in reality, it would generate more publicity for the companies. Just one question to exist. The bunkers must exist to examine. The commercial proposition puts lots of doubt on basic question.

Now think of someone buying the bunkers and doomsday does not occur. Who is going to maintain those bunkers in future.  Doomsday bunker project would not sell beyond media hypes. Almost all the doomsday sites are reporting heavy losses because public attention and media focus have been diluted since Camping made the noise. The steam is gone and the doomsday bunkers if they exist must be waiting for the customers.  The cost of an average  bunker is $200000. Are you ready to invest such money in something which will become zero soon after December 2012? Are those company brave enough to offer buy-back options if doomsday does not occur. I bet nobody does that in business. Since nobody does that, the doomsday bunkers news may be fake. Some one should validate the claims of those bunker companies.  If  you are a buyer or have found or  discovered the truth which is different from what has been written here, it can be promised that this piece of article would be changed for sure.


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Is Earth Expanding and Causing Sinkholes?

There are various hypothesis which are being surfaced and raised from no-where for explaining the growing number of sinkholes all over the world.  There are some possible explanations why these events are occurring more over.  There is no single reason to either prove or deny the evidences. The sinkholes can appear if the water below earth has created cavity and the water evaporated leaving the large hole below the earth. The weight of sands or the earth soil cave in and the sinkhole appeared. It all sounds to explain what has happened in Guatemala and it was a very big hole in the center of a city.  It still looks weird how that round shape hole would appear from no where.  The other feature of that sink hole is that it has symmetry. It has no rough edges. The perfect circle without any aid of the machine, is amazing. Coming back to the sinkholes. The other theory proposes that earth has nothing inside except the hollowness.

As the theory proposes that earth is hollow and the sinkholes are natural to appear.  It sounds bit theory taken little too far to explain. The earth is not uniformly hollow. It may be empty at some points but it is not everywhere. The earth is filled with water and that ground water is as real as earth is. So what happens when the ground water level is all gone. The water would leave the empty space behind where it was filled, that has been drilled out to drink and make your soft-drinks as well.

The earth may be growing but its rate is not alarming. The star-dust makes what earth is today.  The theories exaggerate the scale and rate both when they report the growth of earth.  This type of growth is natural and is accepted. There are other theories which go on proposing that earth is expanding or contracting.  There seems no substance in them.

All above natural phenomena are not linked with doomsday and the basis of that linking is faulty. So, no worries, the sink holes are not artificial and no aliens made them. There is no danger of having a sink hole suddenly where you least expect. The world goes on living the great days on this planet earth.

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Religion and Doomsday Theories of Gamma Ray Bursts

Primarily the thoughts of second coming are spelled with great religious scriptures.  Those may or may not be true. The verification of the second coming is not only impossible but also away from the logical thinking as well. As the religious leaders expect and argue on the face of logic that God and its kingdom is above the logic and worldly rules do not apply on them. The second coming is as heard of the thoughts through the years but never confirmed besides the books on the matter. You must think and act on the lines of what makes sense to you. The second coming does not make sense at all if you do not believe i re-incarnation and after-life theories. How and why Second coming may be attached and related to the theories of doomsday; it is interesting to note and observe as the logic flies out window and exits the room gracefully. Read  on.

Gamma Ray Bursts are real and of course they happen but their duration of happening is very small. The GRB contain very high amount of energy. As stated in journals, the GRBs are very far away from earth and the possibility of hitting them earth is very low. Now consider the possibility of second coming and GRBs.  Jesus if he is coming from other galaxy, the Gamma Ray Burts may be observed along the path. But such a beam if reaches earth; still it would not prove whether Jesus has arrived.  Some people argue that GRBs are cosmic powers on display which does not prove anything other than that GRBs are natural phenomena.

It is true; some GRBs can affect the life on earth. It is difficult to establish the relationship among the GRBs, Second Coming and the probable doomsday of 2012.  If doomsday is true then GRBs may become the reasons to bring it to earth and the Jesus may come and save the people from the incidents and accidents which are caused by GRBs and doomsday together. Since this is just a hypothesis; it is  not true yet and has not been validated by any possible means.  If God makes these events happens on the earth, the same god will keep us all safe as well. There is no doomsday except in the realms of the experts.

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No Spaceship is Approaching Earth in 2012

There are several rounds of the rumors which are running the mills. Much have been written about the 3 Giant Spaceships approaching earth. There are three co-ordinates which are in spotlight this time. The has been referred as the starting point of these three large objects which are being understood to be spaceships. The story in circulation pointed to someone who worked at SETI. Now, SETI has come in open and has denied the completed story as false, baseless and fabricated. Read here. . So, this spaceship issue rests now for good. But there are other issues which are cropping up. The spaceships if ever true would not be visible that way they are in the images on the web.

As the year has begin on good note midst the stories of economic problems and of course the Olympic this year. There are some serious issues which are gripping the world. This is not about Harold Camping coming back again. His quote of verbal spat is already over. He is resting and is of course better with the money which his last campaign generated. The biggest challenge is to save the people from the hoaxes which are coming to the front almost daily. The worrying part is, media is grabbing those stories and playing them on various channels of TV.  It has counter effect as some people still believe that crap which is presented though it comes with a disclaimer but people ignore that and start believing the news which is false.  This is what that makes us worried.

So for now, that news of space ships coming to earth in 2012, is false.  It is good but certainly people are disappointed. Better they are than making lots of people sorry.

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General Questions of Public on Doomsday Plans

What are your Doomsday Plans in 2012?

This is the question which I and my friends took to several people on the road and in the streets of various cities. For last 2 years, I have been asking people in the trains and buses and anywhere I get chance to strike the conversation. Different people answered the questions differently.

Generally people do not care whether it is doomsday or something else. Most of the people said, they believed in living in current times and they really do not care even if the doomsday date is correct. Also the responses included the replies of having no plans at all of any kind so far. I never met a person who told me of having any plans for doomsday. For many people, doomsday meant something of retirement type. Even after the retirement, the people get some assurance from the insurance companies that they would be paid for their investment in various scheme. The doomsday is a different animal because if it is true, it would eat everything you see. So, why to worry. And according to the people in the streets, all doomsday plans will fail if doomsday occurs.

Above sentiments of the people are true to certain extent but largely they do not hold any substance to examine. As stated earlier, the masses are not worried and are living undisturbed life everywhere. The people in Bugarach, France did not know until the crowd started to come there and changed the life of beautiful town for ever.

At this site, you can view several pages which I have listed for doomsday plans just in case you are interested to know further. There is no mechanism to check and verify the theories of doomsday. Doomsday may be a fraud or the hoax or may be true. We would not come to know its validity until the date of 21 December, 2012 passes. As the time is going by and doomsday clocks are ticking the seconds and showing the doomsday time in reverse, it is difficult to ignore such things but you must learn to avoid the sensational hoaxes.

This site will be updated more often now and as and when we find something interesting to share with our readers, we will post the material online. There are many copy and paste artists who steal content from this site. does not authorize any other site or online venture to use our content in any forms.

Year 2012 will be interesting for many reasons. Olympic Games will also be held in London next year. The public interest in 2012 is not building for many reasons. Europe is facing several problems and recent rumors of DOW pulling out as sponsor of the event has sparked several speculations. The events depicted in movie 2012 were of fiction. There is no reason why games should not be held. Best of luck for Games in 2012!

The internet traffic for doomsday related sites remains all time low. It would have been otherwise if Harold Camping was silent in 2011. The theme has gone now. Year 2012 has good scope for everyone. The fun part of 2012 doomsday must be made more interesting but it should not hurt people anyways. For me, 2012 doomsday has some entertainment value as doomsday experts prove that they are biggest fools with books in their hands and yelling at the people for buying their books. It is interesting to see doomsday experts shouting and their acrobatics fail to have attention of the people. They offer interviews and previews of their books for free. I get at least 10 such requests every week. One of the well known doomsday experts offered me to write some exclusive reviews of his material at my site. I declined that offer. I am not in the game, I am an observer.

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Nero Doomsday Machine and Book are not Real

Year 2012 is just warming up now. So the doomsday experts waited for this year to arrive. We update the readers on Nero doomsday and several other sub-themes which are hot in media and news. There is no claim of it all being so real. It is all in the minds of the people because it can not be verified.

Nero Doomsday is certainly very nice and high pitched sound-full album which is available online to hear. The other interesting fact is that it is rising on the searches for last few months. Though the real doomsday has nothing to do with this album but you can spot the them well. The doomsday is going to be again in the news for right reasons. There are several new dates which are being studied at this point of time. In 2011 we covered doomsday and its themes so well that this site has risen from PR1 to PR3 now. We are again ready to ride the waves of popularity with the latest and current updates which are scheduled to arrive.

Apart from what doomsday experts are trying tell us, we need to figure out the basics of doomsday machine which is nothing but conceptual ideas of presenting it in such a way that someone gets confused and begins to take it seriously. Yep, no holds, there is no doomsday machine except in movies and Star Trek series. Last year, we educated our readers on various issues which Harold Camping and team tried to use and scare the public. It is not evident that doomsday would ever occur. There are no possibilities of what so ever. The doomsday experts may be wrong and they got it all so assembled to make it very much sensational while it is not that way.

We had reviewed The Doomsday Book in 2011 and on this site. Apart from that, there are many other books which are being sold online in the name of doomsday. Every expert has his own book to sell and you would be surprised to hear that the doomsday supplies and books are all part of hyped theme of world being ended. The year 2012 is going to be different but there is no doomsday.

Ok, this is for the people who are looking for the doomsday movie and its review; it has been very long time for the movie to have been released. We had reviewed that as well. Our views are clear and we do not support the doomsday theories in their present format. They do not make sense. Read the posts at this site, you would find it very much interesting.

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