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Shameless Excuses for Doomsday 2012 Failure

What do you do when you promise something but fail to deliver.  You ask for pardon and humbly take blame and say sorry after admitting you were wrong.  But what doomsday expert does when he is proven wrong, he brings more excuses.

I BET YOU WOULD NEVER HEAR A DOOMSDAY EXPERT SAYING SORRY.  They never do.  They come up with something or the other excuse claiming that they actually saved humanity.

JONATHAN EASLEY wrote a fantastic article in 2011,  I would like share that piece here.  It is in fact a very good article to read.

Doomsday claims by experts have the problem of accountability.  Nobody takes responsibility now.  Free speech does not mean you would spread rumors and cash on that.

However a smart doomsday expert would always tell you that he has corrected the calculation mistakes and according to him the new date would be announced soon.

It is very common to read the claims by the experts who say something like this; aliens have said something to him, god told secretly something or some souls whispered something to him only.  Or the tall claims that he accidentally discovered a secret which he must tell the world.

Who is responsible for this mess.  The publishers are to be blamed first.  All leading publishers must not publish anything which is not founded by solid proof.  The doomsday claims are not opinions, they are statements of con-man.  Publishers like the spicy content which can create sensation and sell in the market. Do they care about public health? No.

Here is a sample of what people think of these jokers aka doomsday experts:

Washington Post Published an article in 2o11 on what sort of excuses Herald Camping can offer. The same applies for yesterday’s failure as well.

So, what the doomsday 2012 theme did for the general public. It created panic. It flooded Bugarach with the people who were never supposed to be there.  It also created serious problems for parents all over the world.

Were doomsday experts worried because they are creating problems? No they were not. They liked because panic was helping them to sell their books and doomsday supplies.

How about bunker companies; That news was already fake. Did media see them or for that matter did anyone see them. No. They were all on paper. They were never a reality.  So nothing lost on that matter.

Where do we go now from here.  Wait for next doomsday date.  The new smart conman would arrive sooner who would float a new date.

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Doomsday Live Blog for Exclusively on Twenty First December 2012, Updated As it Happens on the Road

Live Blog : Doomsday 12-21-2012. The Page will be updated with every news as it happens around the world.  It is pretty clear, nothing is going to happen. Doomsday is Hoax. Just watch this page. All updates will have EST – New York Time. 


 Read here : Shameless Excuses


 22-December, 2012 5:20 AM ET  NY, 10:22 AM London, 11:22 AM Paris, 2:22 PM Dubai and 3:52 PM Delhi:

It is now 22nd December at most of the places.  It is the new day.  Everything failed which was told to us using the doomsday theories.  Poor doomsday experts were taken too seriously.  The doomsday experts must be the happiest creatures in universe because they are alive.  Since they are alive, it is the best proof that their theories were  crap.  We are yet to read an example of doomsday expert who had sold everything and came to streets to wait for doomsday. That does not happen in capitalist economy.  Doomsday experts are part of  bigger problem which is known as exploiting the fear to generate the money.   Now they stand EXPOSED.

I had kept this blog up since 2009.  I have written many entries here and thousands of the readers have been with me for all these years.  We come close to when site like this would become irrelevant.  Owner of one forum has already decided to shut down the site.  This site has been signed up to November 2013.  So, it is going to be up for good 11 months from now.

This is the last entry in this live post.  Here are two new updates.

The new doomsday dates have been announced:

Some claims that it has been shifted. No need to take it seriously.

And If you love Doomsday Jokes, read this:


 22-December, 2012 2:20 AM ET :

Its well said by someone that world just passing through a phase when it would be difficult to distinguish between fake and real.  Fake is so real that it looks real. Real is so original that it looks fake. This is the game played by con artists aka doomsday experts.

Here is one Mayan expert speaking on the subject.

Does it mean banks will no longer be greedy?


 22-December, 2012 1:00 AM ET :
I had anticipated that doomsday will fail. I listed some effects in an article which was written long back.   Check this article :
I had already listed the business aspects of the doomsday.  Those still hold true.


 22-December, 2012 12:10 AM ET :

The 24 hours have passed which were allocated to doomsday event as per the hyped theories.   The blame game has started.  Will the world take the doomsday experts seriously ever? Well, the acceptance will depend on how much polished crap is.  There will be new wave of the experts who will sell their theories under something or the other.

Mainstream media has begun the postmortem of what did not happen yesterday. The first of them is here.

Leading Doomsday Expert Patrick Geryl Preached something and did something else.

Take a look at this page once again, and think what makes sense now. Nothing of this makes sense.

Many people want to know who are the experts of doomsday.  Here is that short list for you:    Check in Proponents Section, you will get several names. Yes Patrick Geryl is there. 

If you wish to see some more authors who have banked on the False doomsday Prophesies, Check this here:


 21-December, 2012 11:30 PM ET :

This is what news papers have reported at the end of the day.

New York Times says, it is flop show.

See the cards in hands of girls in this news:

Leading Daily asks the experience of people.

Failed Doomsday is a reason to rejoice. The complete news here:

Finally here is someone who says, ‘wait’ the day has been postponed.,0,3955127.story


 21-December, 2012 9:30 PM ET :
I am getting bored with the theme now.  Since there is nothing to update now.  I am thinking of updating it finally at mid night ET now.


 21-December, 2012 9:30 PM ET :
I am getting bored with the theme now.  Since there is nothing to update now.  I am thinking of updating it finally at mid night ET now.
 21-December, 2012 6:30 PM ET :
The day is over. I called my friends in US, they all said in fact the day has been nice for them.  So where are the doomsday expert’s scene.  Or the scene from movie 2012 which was supposed to be played, there is nothing.
This day must be remembered as “Defeat of Most Giant Hoaxes and Lies” in human history. 


 21-December, 2012 4:50 PM ET :
Evening is almost here.  The day has been happier then ever and of course the FM radio has played nice songs today. It is all so good.  The world is prettier place and of course it is leading to great new horizons which we are exploring.  As the mind drifts towards the things which doomsday experts said, are no where.
Will update it more over. This is evening in US and night time for me where I am.  Next update early my morning.


 21-December, 2012 2:50 PM ET :
Noon is over, the evening is approaching the day.  I am sitting in a cafe and talking with friends. The traffic on the road is perfectly normal. Browsed some sites, listened to radio and did some other work.  There is nothing which is making sense or unusual anywhere in the world.
These updates are also getting shorter.


 21-December, 2012 12:50 PM ET :
Almost half day is over. There are no disturbing news from any where. Even big media houses ignored it.  Shame is pouring upon the so called experts of doomsday theories.  Wait and Watch more to follow.


 21-December, 2012 10:50 AM ET :
For last few hours, I have been outside, went into a mall roamed around, ate some food outside and most important saw the day as it went by. The local time here is 9:30 PM right now.  The day has been very nice and there is nothing to report from my place.

The newspaper Deccan Herald reports no casualty from all over the world.

Mexico welcomes new ERA —


 21-December, 2012 06:30 AM ET :
Many people from Australia wish to have the latest updates.  If you are from Australia, there is nothing to worry about. You must calm down first. Nothing is happening else where in the world.  It is like any other day. There is nothing special about it.  What ever you have heard or read about doomsday, is all false.  Here are three news sites which you can refer :


If you still have question, please post in comment section.
For rest of the world, it is great day for us.  There is no doomsday at all.  Just keep doing what you everyday happily. There are no exceptions today.

I have to go to market for purchasing few things.  It may take around 2 hours for me to return. As soon as I come back, the next update will be posted for sure.


 21-December, 2012 05:50 AM ET :
West coast is awake for last few hours. The eastern hemisphere is waking up now.  It is around 6 AM in New York and 4:20 at my place.  The day and nights have gone peacefully.  If you would have noticed, the world is today calmer then the other days.  For the doomsday experts and spiritual gurus, the new humanity is not still here. World has to live with old system.  This so-called doomsday has not changed anything except it has exposed the doomsday experts like never before.


There is no way to enter into Bugarach town. Police has sealed it.

NASA has released new video for debunking the claims of doomsday. Here you can read complete story.


 21-December, 2012 04:40 AM ET :

It is 3PM here at my location.  The day is approaching evening.  The kids are watching TV and I am on my laptop writing this. Everyone happy around me.  Have changed the TV Channels several times, there is no trace of doomsday news. Many readers have reached this website looking for live updates on doomsday around the world. This is the only site where you can find the most current events placed at single resource.

I have been watching the traffic stats, those are not very much encouraging.  Last year May 21, 2011 was rather busy time.  Anyways, lets continue to see whats new with doomsday related stuff. News and Media sources are still writing the stories which are either neutral or just informative.  The latest such is here :


CNET has got into the mode which is exploring doomsday gadgets.  They discovered ORB. are no disturbing news from any corner of the world.

 21-December, 2012 03:50 AM ET :

Is 18th August 2013 new date for doomsday? One of the readers reached this site using those words. It caught my attention.  That date is being promoted as alien invasion may take place that time.  If we believe the online reports, there are very few sources which tell you why it is so. This date is not credible and it is coming from most of the people who had not been in doomsday circles in the past. Take it seriously. No, not at all. This is an absurd idea like doomsday itself is.

Online media began taking on Doomsday prophets.  They deserve harsher treatment.  Wait for the date to be over. I will publish the full statement. Meanwhile, here is the news for you, it is coming from Telegraph.


 21-December, 2012 02:40 AM ET :

Checked the Weather Charts and Ice Data at various websites. It is normal there. Also checked the earthquake stats for today. Nothing reported so far. The reports from UK have begun to arrive. The leading news paper publishes the mocking news. It is candid humor. 

Latest from LA times makes it point that this is great news why we are here even now.,0,5700553.story
Surprisingly New Date of Doomsday has arrived.  It is 18th August 2013.  This new date is being marked when Aliens will attack earth. Sources :


 21-December, 2012 01:40 AM ET :
There is certain level of frustration among the people who are asking questions now.  No doomsday expert would ever have courage and answer these people who ask the clarifications Sample this:
Someone in a forum asked “Where is my death?” See this :

Jill Burcum, a Star Tribune editorial writer nails it down correctly. If you still are clueless why doomsday hoax, read her article, it is good and on the line which we had taken from the beginning of time with this blog site.

Indian News Paper Times of India calls it Mania:

Emirates 247 says NASA has come forward and clarified on the issue for next many years.

 21-December, 2012 00:20 AM ET :
Finally New York residents are in 21 December. It is mid night there.  It must be quiet night there. Press editors must be busy preparing for the news headlines for tomorrow news paper to be published.  Hopefully, doomsday hoax will find some space on the printed news paper.  I am watching live status of my internet sites at this time. All of them are usual and nothing has been reported across the servers. The traffic is normal. There  is nothing which provides me clue why it is doomsday.  If nobody tells you it is 21st December, you would not come to know because it is like any other day.

Mainstream media picked up the first story of the day. Here it is for you:


 20-December, 2012 11:20 PM ET :
It is 21st December here where I live.  It is beautiful morning.  Local time is 10 AM.  Sky is very clear and blue. The sun is shining outside and of course there is nothing on TV which would say this is doomsday.  So, it is apparently clear that it is doomsday.  The loud-mouth, cheeky and meek all sorts of doomsday experts must be hiding somewhere.  Do they feel any shame? I don’t think so. They have survived the theories because they could fool the world.
The doomsday theories and other things are so badly damaged that general public is not even bothered to check whats going on. TV news channels are absolutely  silent on doomsday specific news.  Here are some new pieces which you will find useful:
Discovery has posted an exclusive page for debunking doomsday
Many people are waiting to go to sites which are related to Mayans…/1048484/
whats happening around the world on doomsday — Answer is nothing.  The day is perfectly normal.
People in Perth Australia need not to worry. The doomsday is false and it is certainly a hoax.
December 21 2012  Doomsday has been proven wrong.
So, it is a perfect to look for nothing in doomsday experts head.  It is fine to see the world if Doomsday was here and nothing happened.
I will update this page again after one hour.
 20-December, 2012 12:23 PM ET :
If one has to see where the earthquakes have occurred in recent past, take a look at this page.
There is a long list of doomsday events presented in the past, good that all of them have been proven wrong.
BBC reported that it is purely unfair to understand the doomsday theories as they are
The latest from different towns of the world:
It is 23:00 at my place, I am thinking of sleeping now. I may be awake for some more time today.


 20-December, 2012 9:10 AM ET :

CNN has posted some running commentary on this phenomena. Very religious people are advising the masses, not to believe any of the doomsday rumors. Sara Knight joins the talk on why some people have psychology to believe the doomsday. Here you can read what she has to say :  It is certainly a very informative page to read. Indian Astrologers, Tarot Experts and Numerologists say,  21 December 2012 is perfectly a very happy day. They are good people and they have been in the business of prediction for many years. Here is what they told WSJ:  AOL Jobs site says, the phenomena can help the people to grow in their career. It is an interesting page Meanwhile, China has cracked on Doomsday Cult.  More than 1000 have been arrested for misleading the people.  Do you think doomsday experts are waiting for their shame moments? They are like politicians. They will give you another date for sure.  Just watch those fat experts speaking except from their head.  Don’t listen to them.


20-December, 2012 8:10 AM ET :Where I am right now, it is still 20th December here.  I traveled on my bike today. I watched sky clearly. If there is anything which makes sense doomsday wise.  Sky is very clear. It is winter time here. Wind has chill factor. The traffic on the road is was not very heavy.  Just sometimes back, we have switched on TV. It is absolutely normal. No news channel is showing anything related to doomsday.  I just went in a forum to see if people are discussing anything about doomsday. There are not many people talking about it.  Will be back with more news. Keep watching this page.



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Silently Experts in November With No big Doomsday News made no headlines

November has been very silent month for the doomsday and its features. So, there had not been many news pieces arriving from the close quarters. So, what it means. It simply means that public is no more interested in this theme.  The public can go on having fun with the hoaxes.

Next month is December when this event is supposed to appear.  Like me, there are many people who are pretty sure that it would never come. What we can draw from here.  It is the shame time for the theorists who have been shouting from the roof tops. It is certainly the doomsday for their wisdom.

The themes lead no where and it takes to perfect round circle where we see it does not make any sense to be in this theme. What it means for the people who invested. Blame Herald Camping for exhausting the theme prematurely. Part of the blame also goes to movie 2012 because it came too early.

How to read for the people who are still there in Bugarach. Well they need someone to go there and explain the things clearly.

How Chinese people are taking the doomsday news. They are serious and the disturbing news have begun to arrive from there. Nothing is happening in our skies for sure. Be assured that it is still the fine days for us all. You need to believe your wisdom and move on.

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October 2012 Coverage of Doomsday Events and News Collected from All over the world and Main Cities

We have begun to cover the daily doomsday news and of course it is all picking up again. We do not wish to scare anyone and we are assuming that doomsday 2012 is a hoax. October 2012 may shed some more light on these events which might be happening in some parts of the world.  This site is of opinion that you should keep yourself informed about whats happening around us. There is no panic and there is no situation which needs immediate attention.  Stay Calm. This website has thousands of pages which can give you great knowledge to understand the doomsday theories and books.  Feel free to explore this site.  Meanwhile, we are posting everyday and daily running commentary date wise for October 2012.  It is all below:

October 30, 2012

Today, there is a news article in online news section. Mayans are also saying doomsday events are wrong.

October 30, 2012

This month has gone without any major events passing on horizon. The things will look clearer as we approach time ahead.
October 29, 2012

New humanity and new social order will not arrive. That is also non-news for the people who run companies and have been makings books of taxes and others.
October 28, 2012

Somewhere in the world the snow has begun to fall now. The people have started to buy the things to protect them from harsh winter but it is not doomsday for reason.
October 27, 2012

Big cyclones and everything that has happened this year does not relate to doomsday anymore.
October 26, 2012

The things are going well at world stage. Year 2012 has been heavy on various personalities. The world scene changed but that is not related.
October 25, 2012

As you have seen, there is no mainstream news from sources for last few days. The doomsday events are not visible.
October 24, 2012

The so-called new evidences of doomsday make no sense now. Either they are founded wrongly or they all are hoaxes.
October 23, 2012

The researchers and NASA have categorically denied and claimed that rumors are not true. World is not going to change. It will be here forever.
October 22, 2012

As noted in this site and its posts, the validation issues with doomsday theory are correct. There is no verification of their use.
October 21, 2012

The world politics and its scene are not very upbeat. The world is still going old ways and doomsday theorists are on the verge of being proven wrong.
October 20, 2012

The weather charts are good at this time. The winters are coming in. It is pleasant season but bad for doomsday authors and writers.
October 19, 2012

Checked today the forums of doomsday. Many forums had zero threads for last few weeks. The new users are not expected.
October 18, 2012

The world still debates the state of doomsday sites because all of them suffered what a gentleman did to this theme in 2011 May.
October 17, 2012

Beautiful French town Bugarach must be experiencing calm life now because doomsday voices are going down every day.
October 16, 2012

The much awaited sequel of doomsday movie is still in demand and public may enjoy it if it comes out. Though there is no news of it now.
October 15, 2012

The world is releasing more tech gadgets and games of different sports are going on without any issues. It is interesting to note that everything is happening opposite of what was shown in that doomsday movie.
October 14, 2012

People have begun to think whether doomsday bunkers are of any use.
October 13, 2012

Perfect day and news scan does not show anything for today even. It is going to be blank day for today as well.
October 12, 2012

Newspapers and general public is getting the no news of doomsday yet. The things are going nowhere.
October 11, 2012

Doomsday books are showing down turn in sales. We also have a book to release which we will do in coming weeks.
October 10, 2012

Discovery and other channels have not shown any documentary for very long time now.
October 9, 2012

Media ignorance about doomsday theme is also becoming hot topic in many discussions. Nobody can say if doomsday sites are losing traffic or gaining more with passing time.
October 8, 2012

The world has stopped taking notice of doomsday theme. There is barely any news for today.
October 07, 2012

Sunday is absolutely calm today. It is beautiful day and it is nice to read no news of doomsday today. Enjoy your day! Have a nice day!

October 07, 2012

Sunday is absolutely calm today. It is beautiful day and it is nice to read no news of doomsday today. Enjoy your day! Have a nice day!

October 06, 2012

The doomsday experts are taking rest today so the news has suddenly disappeared. There is no reported interview or event today in doomsday subjects.
October 05, 2012

Scanned the online sources of news for today. Nothing happened anywhere.
October 04, 2012

Valdosta State University Professors debunk the ideas of doomsday in a lecture series. It is good to read what they say. They are also of opinion that doomsday 2012 is just a myth. There is no doomsday event on 21 December 2012.
October 03, 2012

Nothing newsworthy today for doomsday.
October 02, 2012

Here is how doomsday scenarios look from the eyes of well known online magazine.
October 01, 2012

Dustin Thomason has written is novel 12:21 and he appears in an online news publishing blogs. Get him here talking about his book. I have not got a chance to dig further in his book. Every third book on doomsday 2012 is crap. Anyways, his book is a novel.


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September 2012 Picked up Doomsday News Everyday, is it good?

Doomsday Update for September 2012, All days covered

There are various other events which are taking place in the world when there is very low interest or no affiliation with any sort of enthusiasm.  Some of those important events are ignored by media and rationale news coverage points because the mainstream media is ignoring the doomsday now. Nobody wishes to take it seriously anymore.  Will Doomsday of 2012 December 12 is no more a news. It seems so. Let’s take a look at what mainstream media and other sources are saying.


September 31, 2012

There is no specific or any other news from any media sources for doomsday 2012 related subjects. So have a rest today and we will write the new page for October 2012 very soon.


September 30, 2012

True experts of doomsday are spreading the words against the hoax.  Read it here : .


September 29, 2012

Some of the so called experts are linking solar storms to doomsday. . It is not all the way true. May  be expert has seen it in a dream.  It is getting scary with hyped news of doomsday.  Some safety required. .


September 28, 2012

Nat Geo has announced the UK version of its show Doomsday Preppers.  Beyond that, there is a book review of doomsday which is equally uninteresting and boring as the book is.  There are no doomsday theories which are reported as of today.


September 27, 2012

There is a book titled “Yellow Hour” which has grabbed the attention of few reviewers and bloggers. It has been written about by several people. The reviews are not very much encouraging.


 September 26, 2012
Nothing significant today to see in the doomsday news category.  Guardian UK has reviewed the TV show Doomsday Preppers.


 September 25, 2012
Guardian Express has picked up the doomsday news again and it is being read by several people. The article is worthy of reading. It makes the best possible case for understanding what’s going on about doomsday.  Read it here:


 September 24, 2012
 A doomsday book is again in the news. The book claims the doomsday theories are false and doomsday is  not coming this year. So, nothing to panic about. There is no doomsday as per this book.   You can read it online.


September 23, 2012

There is no news of doomsday which appeared in any of the online major news sources or mags.

September 22, 2012
The book has been reviewed by Australian Chronical along with a movie. There are no more flyers from the news sources on anything significant for today.
September 21, 2012

Some people are terribly worried whether they will get beer post doomsday or not. There some method behind this madness. The science blog captures the great thoughts. Read it here :

September 20, 2012

Andalusia Star-News reports the class for doomsday preppers.  The self-proclaimed doomsday survivor expert Dianne Jones of Andalusia will guide the class how to survive the tough times and in the event of doomsday.  This class is supposed to be held in October.  It is here But you must be able to buy their claims and pay them $10.  This post is not paid.  It is independent of what these experts say.

September 19, 2012

It is busy day for doomsday related material. New24 has posted Doomsday Guide for Dummies. It is good read and you can find it online easily.  Doomsday Asylum 2012 Haunted House returns to the screens. It is a great show which has been presented well.  Mirror UK has published the preview of Doomsday Preppers.  It looks like based on real scenes.

September 18, 2012

There is a very sound advice from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its expert Jay Miller who tells you to ignore the doomsday related noise. Jay Miller is a tax expert.  He focuses on political scenario ahead. Read it here :


September 17, 2012

There are two news pieces one about Microsoft and its Windows 8. Apart from that there is nothing significant today.


September 16, 2012

There is no doomsday in any of the news pieces including this one.

The above news is not about doomsday at all.

September 15, 2012

If you still panic and wish to know how doomsday will be like. Here is a twist.

September 14, 2012

Some websites linked sports with doomsday today. There is nothing great or noteworthy about them for today.

September 13, 2012

Movie or documentary titled “Doomsday book” is all set to be released on Blu-Ray. That is the only news for doomsday today.

September 12, 2012

The media is abuzz about the arrest of men who stole the Trucks to make the doomsday bunkers. Too bad. here is one of them news pieces.

September 11, 2012

The police have found the stolen truck and further probe is going on. Someone stole the truck laden with food.  It is suspected that the truck was to be used as doomsday bunker.

September 10, 2012

No report worthy update today for doomsday.

September 09, 2012

DC comics has named 10 villains. The doomsday series is also there along with its bad boys.

September 08, 2012

Someone is talking about supplies and food. The experts are of no-voice these days.

September 07, 2012

“Kneel till Doomsday” is the song which is being streamed online live by the UK band. Sound is good. Lyrics are great and overall effects are fantastic.


 September 06, 2012
An astrophysicist Kevin Manning presents his ideas for debunking the doomsday. He is qualified to speak on these matters.


September 05, 2012
Someone is saying earth-quakes are just the beginning. More to come. There are no credible sources to quote here.


 September 04, 2012
Dr. David Morrison appears in a an online news article and he puts the responsibility on NASA to prove why doomsday is not real.


 September 03, 2012
Nothing newsworthy today for doomsday.


 September 02, 2012
Interesting piece appeared in Los Angeles review of the books. Someone compared, doomsday with bloomsday and drew the parallels.


 September 01, 2012
Online media is reporting the doomsday ship which is wrecked somewhere and can pose great danger to the cities.  Daily Mail UK has posted the story.


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May 2012 Doomsday Daily Update for World and its Cities

There are many new pieces which are being reported in various sections of the media this time. May 2012 for doomsday theories has been a very slow month. The internet traffic is slowing down to low numbers. It is getting to a point when keeping doomsday site would be difficult. It is the economics of the sites which is not allowing the doomsday theorists to survive at this time. It is an estimate that doomsday theories will return to mainstream soon after July 2012 this year.

We are going to report the doomsday news daily now. And we would update the pages until December 21, 2012 this year. Beyond that we will see what needs to be done with this site.

31 May 2012

Guardian Express reports that a body of mermaid has been discovered. It may not be related to doomsday at all. There are wide spread doubts whether this news is true. The month of May ends with this update. We will move to June tomorrow.

30 May 2012

Someone named Rocco Leo is again in the news because he has been abandoned by his lawyers. Rocco Leo is considered to be one of the doomsday theorists. Mayan civilization is again in focus but this time for the correction of history and various records.
29 May 2012

Japan is in focus again and some media resources reports that Japan doomsday flights taking place. Chess with the Doomsday Machine, a theatre play is being staged in Canada. It attracted the attention due to its name. NY Times has also linked a story with doomsday.
28 May 2012

There are some stories in new sections arising from Germany advising what to do if doomsday occurs and how to prevent it. Some people are trying to convert the empty shells of Missiles into shelters. That is not very much of great news. Yes, it is different but not useful.
27 May 2012

Wyoming realty sector is seeing the spiked demand of the houses which can withstand the doomsday scenarios. It is good to note that people have become safety conscious due to doomsday theories. Though the news pieces also reports some unpleasant happenings due to doomsday theories. It is good that these things are not reported here. To note a happening here, Jesus did not return as claimed by Paul Begley and this event also proved to be mere speech and words gone waste.
26 May 2012

CNET reports that doomsday proof houses have been sold already.

25 May 2012

Paul Begley is making some waves with the claims of Jesus returning to the world. It is not very huge claim, may be there is some basis behind this. Though, it may not be true but it is certainly interesting. Some local media picked it up. Rest of the world is just ignorant. A big question, Are we ready to receive Jesus if he decides to return? May be Paul Begley has an answer.
24 May 2012

Economic problems arising from Greece are being equated with Doomsday and some experts think that it is a doomsday of finances there. Some experts are pointing the differences between what Mayan Calendar explains and what doomsday theories are. So, there is clear divide among the theories.
23 May 2012

Discovery News Network mentioned something about Planet X 2.0. It gets no where for other theories. So, for today, that’s what made news.
22 May 2012

Sony launched a Battery which can be recharged by rotating a simple handle by hand. Many doomsday experts are saying, this is the device for keeping the mobiles running in case of doomsday occurs.
21 May 2012

Doomsday is not in the news today as it gets to the core that doomsday clocks are wrong. So, what is correct? Nothing is right as far as doomsday is considered. It does not get straight from here but it gets more over beyond making any sense now. Same day last year, Harold Camping had predicted the end of the world. It did not end because
20 May 2012

Bugarch a French town is again in the news. This time it is in spot light because of rising issues there. You could very well imagine what would happen in town which was not disturbed prior to the hyped doomsday theories. One still fails to understand where it all started.
19 May 2012

Doomsday Superman series may be on the corner to come and of course it would be instant hit among the movie lovers. There are some great news pieces circling around this theme. It makes great reading material for any one who is interested in doomsday themes.
18 May 2012

Some doomsday clocks are running at great speed. The irony is that all of them are false. There is no doomsday and if it is there, then it is not being reported rightly. Everything you heard about doomsday is false. The doomsday news from mainstream media is dying down with each passing day.
17 May 2012

Doomsday Smallville may be a game but it is not relevant what we perceive as doomsday. You may be mistaken to believe many other things which are not even related to the theme. The Mayan may be somewhere in heavens and they must be thinking what they meant in their scriptures and what world is understanding.
16 May 2012

There are many songs which appeared either mentioning doomsday or something about that. Nicki Minaj has a song which features doomsday. There are other singers who have written doomsday lyrics. So, wait for sometime when you would get the full albums featuring doomsday.
15 May 2012

Are there any more movies planned on doomsday? May be some movie productions are taking place. Though we do not hear the news about sequel of 2012 movie, the main movie had some prophecy and some weird cartoons featuring and showing you what happens in Yellowstone Park. In the movie, there was no doomsday device and of course there is no such thing in reality.


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Is Doomsday Confirmed? No It is Bad News.

One friend A tells another friend B that he is afraid because he got a bad news. He goes on explaining because he saw a doomsday documentary on TV which had the theme that world is going to end in 2012. Visibly upset friend B asks A to replace the old TV by something like LCD. Friend A jokes, LCD would not turn bad news into good news. This scene was there in the Bollywood movie titled “4084″.  It is also true that LCD or LED would not stop the doomsday from occurring if it all so true. But for sure, the advanced TV would certainly give you the clearer picture when you watch doomsday documentaries aired by dubious channels.

4084 or be it something else. The real doomsday has been poured upon the doomsday writers by Harold Camping. The doomsday preppers may be still in the beautiful town Bugarach. The worst part is logics fail to deliver the wisdom. Even the staunch supporters of doomsday theories are on their knees now.  It is not doomsday is longer a threat.  Who knows doomsday is credible threat and may occur. These are so theories which have no confirmation from anyone. The mainstream media is not either interested or the disinterested. Yes, John Titor still makes news.

So, it does not lead anywhere now.  So what is there in the doomsday stuff now.  Some TV channels in Nepal are still showing those doomsday programs.  People in Nepal may not be believing this crap which is making news and being pushed to them in the name of news and entertainment.  Is doomsday worth of entertainment value?  This question was relevant some years before.

Doomsday’s entertainment value has been exhausted by the movie already. There is nothing there. The public may not be ready for another movie on doomsday of 2012.  It is not happening anymore.  No big studio would risk investing in doomsday movies  now. There is no money in this theme any more.

How media looks at this scenario now. There is deep sense of disappointment among the sections of media. Harold Camping took away everything and electronic media and news publishers are now empty handed. It is a thought that a guy came and he took everyone for a ride including that person who sold his everything to wait for failed doomsday of may 21, 2011.

Doomsday has not been confirmed. Is it a bad news? Yes it is for newspapers and TV channels along with websites which support doomsday.  A failed doomsday is certainly a good news for rest of the world which include you and me.

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The Game : BorderLands 2 Doomsday Review Shows up in Trailers

So, Why we are picking up the BorderLands 2 Doomsday for reviewing. Well, because the game looks better than the doomsday theme in real.  There are many trailers which are doing rounds on the web. The main game also looks better and the final review would reveal whether the game is successful with sales figures.  It takes great efforts to develop such games with heavy budget and manpower to work on such ventures. The trailer which has been posted online goes about 3 minutes of time and as you watch it, there is only one word which describes it all “Wow”.  So, this game would certainly make your game collection adding to a new level.

BorderLands 2 Doomsday will be a new installment of excitement and fun. The game would be available on various platforms.  There are heavy characters with matching gears. You have to survive to fight and live on until the game ends.   Such games certainly last very long and keep us busy with the console. The BorderLands 2 is also one of the leading game. The doomsday branding of BorderLands 2 will make it more over one of the best sought after games. There are more controls and of course a new background score.  The game loads with great theme and goes to opening scene where you put yourself to readiness for the battle ahead.

BorderLands 2 Doomsday may be released sometime in September 2012.  The trailer is doing good right now and it would lead to various other posts which would write about it in some details. The people who have seen this trailer are all praises for the new piece of the game which would put the heavy characters in play once again.

Why this is related to doomsday 2012. There is no apparent relationship except its name. The name of the game suggests that it would en-cash on the doomsday theme. The market is being filled with the things which have doomsday branding for 2012. There are various ways to look at it.  BorderLands 2 Doomsday in 2012 would be the game which has doomsday word attached to it.  The survival tactics will not work in real life in the world. So, let it in the bounds of the game only. The real world may not see doomsday at all but you have got the game which lets you play the them.  Watch out for more news which comes from GearBox.

Review of BorderLands 2 Doomsday would certainly be written in details when ever this game becomes available. The game would certainly be tracked with auto alerts to know the dates on which the important announcements are made related to this game.


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Why does Public not think Doomsday 2012 is Real?

It has been chaos in the doomsday theories and theorists are going mad because journalists and media are not picking up the noise anymore. As the date draws closer, the noise is fading away.  There are various reasons behind the death of doomsday theme.  Public does not think it is real. The main reason behind this thought is because Harold Camping lied to public and supporters or made some genuine mistakes in calculating the doomsday date; the result is the theme is gone.  There is no game now. It has all evaporated in thin air. Everyone hoped to have various colorful views from the crazy doomsday experts. None of that is happening now.

The public perception is playing big role here.  The maya calendars and some of those invisible planets have been pushed back to history.  The public has begun to think that everyone who speaks about doomsday is a hoax and is trying to get the money by misleading lots of people.  So, the public does not believe what an expert is trying to say.  The doomsday forums used to be full of threads until last year, now the situation has changed as nobody is posting any material now.

It is the time for the people to return from Bugarach as well and leave the beautiful town the way it feels natural. Public’s patience has run out now.  The biggest and worst hit has been taken by the stores which thought they will be able to sell the things.  Those supplies of doomsday are no longer in circulation.  It is all because public is not ready to listen to what lots of people have been saying. Or the either way, the public expects better liars.  The existing doomsday experts are bad liars. They are not not even entertaining now.  They have become dull and media has lot interest in them.

The cover on secret doomsday theories was blown out of proportion and too early.  Like move 2012 doomsday was released much before its actual time to do so.  Now is the time for all those movies.  The doomsday experts are not even looking better than the jokers in circus.  There is nothing in this 2012 doomsday theme now.

The world is slowing down a bit and the acceleration of events is losing its speed.  It is expected that over next 5o years the development aspects of the world would tend to become slower.  The doomsday theories can not be left behind and of course the theme needs a super hero to get it revived again.  So far, it is not going to happen.


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Why Doomsday Bunkers News is Fake and Hoax?

There are many possible reasons to believe Doomsday Bunkers are hoax.  

If you go by the information presented here logically, the bunkers do not make sense at all.  Search on  the web in the news sections of the search engines with the keywords doomsday or doomsday bunkers, you get nothing.  The media attention is gone. There is no news reported on doomsday by the  newspapers and news channels in the recent past.  Now, consider the cost of those hyped doomsday bunkers in the realms of present calm realities, only crazy would buy those bunkers. Since the world is not full of crazy people who would buy the bunkers worth of millions, there are various possibilities.  The first  strongest possibility is that companies which were constructing these bunkers may have abandoned the project already because it does not make sense commercially. Yes, you guessed it right, Bunkers are not piece of art or the painting on the papers. The bunkers cost real money and if there is no danger why to get in the deep space for no reasons.

Ok, even if you believe, those bunkers are reality, the business sense does not make them proposed worth of business and money to even attempt.  The layouts, prints and online images of the bunkers are very different from the real bunkers if they exist. The existence of those bunkers is doubtful.  Has anyone seen those bunkers in real? Those companies which are supposed to build those structures, must bundle the media together and take them to tour the underground facilities. What is the harm? nothing. If those bunkers exist in reality, it would generate more publicity for the companies. Just one question to exist. The bunkers must exist to examine. The commercial proposition puts lots of doubt on basic question.

Now think of someone buying the bunkers and doomsday does not occur. Who is going to maintain those bunkers in future.  Doomsday bunker project would not sell beyond media hypes. Almost all the doomsday sites are reporting heavy losses because public attention and media focus have been diluted since Camping made the noise. The steam is gone and the doomsday bunkers if they exist must be waiting for the customers.  The cost of an average  bunker is $200000. Are you ready to invest such money in something which will become zero soon after December 2012? Are those company brave enough to offer buy-back options if doomsday does not occur. I bet nobody does that in business. Since nobody does that, the doomsday bunkers news may be fake. Some one should validate the claims of those bunker companies.  If  you are a buyer or have found or  discovered the truth which is different from what has been written here, it can be promised that this piece of article would be changed for sure.


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