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May 2012 Doomsday Daily Update for World and its Cities

There are many new pieces which are being reported in various sections of the media this time. May 2012 for doomsday theories has been a very slow month. The internet traffic is slowing down to low numbers. It is getting to a point when keeping doomsday site would be difficult. It is the economics of the sites which is not allowing the doomsday theorists to survive at this time. It is an estimate that doomsday theories will return to mainstream soon after July 2012 this year.

We are going to report the doomsday news daily now. And we would update the pages until December 21, 2012 this year. Beyond that we will see what needs to be done with this site.

31 May 2012

Guardian Express reports that a body of mermaid has been discovered. It may not be related to doomsday at all. There are wide spread doubts whether this news is true. The month of May ends with this update. We will move to June tomorrow.


30 May 2012

Someone named Rocco Leo is again in the news because he has been abandoned by his lawyers. Rocco Leo is considered to be one of the doomsday theorists. Mayan civilization is again in focus but this time for the correction of history and various records.
29 May 2012

Japan is in focus again and some media resources reports that Japan doomsday flights taking place. Chess with the Doomsday Machine, a theatre play is being staged in Canada. It attracted the attention due to its name. NY Times has also linked a story with doomsday.
28 May 2012

There are some stories in new sections arising from Germany advising what to do if doomsday occurs and how to prevent it. Some people are trying to convert the empty shells of Missiles into shelters. That is not very much of great news. Yes, it is different but not useful.
27 May 2012

Wyoming realty sector is seeing the spiked demand of the houses which can withstand the doomsday scenarios. It is good to note that people have become safety conscious due to doomsday theories. Though the news pieces also reports some unpleasant happenings due to doomsday theories. It is good that these things are not reported here. To note a happening here, Jesus did not return as claimed by Paul Begley and this event also proved to be mere speech and words gone waste.
26 May 2012

CNET reports that doomsday proof houses have been sold already.


25 May 2012

Paul Begley is making some waves with the claims of Jesus returning to the world. It is not very huge claim, may be there is some basis behind this. Though, it may not be true but it is certainly interesting. Some local media picked it up. Rest of the world is just ignorant. A big question, Are we ready to receive Jesus if he decides to return? May be Paul Begley has an answer.
24 May 2012

Economic problems arising from Greece are being equated with Doomsday and some experts think that it is a doomsday of finances there. Some experts are pointing the differences between what Mayan Calendar explains and what doomsday theories are. So, there is clear divide among the theories.
23 May 2012

Discovery News Network mentioned something about Planet X 2.0. It gets no where for other theories. So, for today, that’s what made news.
22 May 2012

Sony launched a Battery which can be recharged by rotating a simple handle by hand. Many doomsday experts are saying, this is the device for keeping the mobiles running in case of doomsday occurs.
21 May 2012

Doomsday is not in the news today as it gets to the core that doomsday clocks are wrong. So, what is correct? Nothing is right as far as doomsday is considered. It does not get straight from here but it gets more over beyond making any sense now. Same day last year, Harold Camping had predicted the end of the world. It did not end because
20 May 2012

Bugarch a French town is again in the news. This time it is in spot light because of rising issues there. You could very well imagine what would happen in town which was not disturbed prior to the hyped doomsday theories. One still fails to understand where it all started.
19 May 2012

Doomsday Superman series may be on the corner to come and of course it would be instant hit among the movie lovers. There are some great news pieces circling around this theme. It makes great reading material for any one who is interested in doomsday themes.
18 May 2012

Some doomsday clocks are running at great speed. The irony is that all of them are false. There is no doomsday and if it is there, then it is not being reported rightly. Everything you heard about doomsday is false. The doomsday news from mainstream media is dying down with each passing day.
17 May 2012

Doomsday Smallville may be a game but it is not relevant what we perceive as doomsday. You may be mistaken to believe many other things which are not even related to the theme. The Mayan may be somewhere in heavens and they must be thinking what they meant in their scriptures and what world is understanding.
16 May 2012

There are many songs which appeared either mentioning doomsday or something about that. Nicki Minaj has a song which features doomsday. There are other singers who have written doomsday lyrics. So, wait for sometime when you would get the full albums featuring doomsday.
15 May 2012

Are there any more movies planned on doomsday? May be some movie productions are taking place. Though we do not hear the news about sequel of 2012 movie, the main movie had some prophecy and some weird cartoons featuring and showing you what happens in Yellowstone Park. In the movie, there was no doomsday device and of course there is no such thing in reality.


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Is Doomsday Confirmed? No It is Bad News.

One friend A tells another friend B that he is afraid because he got a bad news. He goes on explaining because he saw a doomsday documentary on TV which had the theme that world is going to end in 2012. Visibly upset friend B asks A to replace the old TV by something like LCD. Friend A jokes, LCD would not turn bad news into good news. This scene was there in the Bollywood movie titled “4084″.  It is also true that LCD or LED would not stop the doomsday from occurring if it all so true. But for sure, the advanced TV would certainly give you the clearer picture when you watch doomsday documentaries aired by dubious channels.

4084 or be it something else. The real doomsday has been poured upon the doomsday writers by Harold Camping. The doomsday preppers may be still in the beautiful town Bugarach. The worst part is logics fail to deliver the wisdom. Even the staunch supporters of doomsday theories are on their knees now.  It is not doomsday is longer a threat.  Who knows doomsday is credible threat and may occur. These are so theories which have no confirmation from anyone. The mainstream media is not either interested or the disinterested. Yes, John Titor still makes news.

So, it does not lead anywhere now.  So what is there in the doomsday stuff now.  Some TV channels in Nepal are still showing those doomsday programs.  People in Nepal may not be believing this crap which is making news and being pushed to them in the name of news and entertainment.  Is doomsday worth of entertainment value?  This question was relevant some years before.

Doomsday’s entertainment value has been exhausted by the movie already. There is nothing there. The public may not be ready for another movie on doomsday of 2012.  It is not happening anymore.  No big studio would risk investing in doomsday movies  now. There is no money in this theme any more.

How media looks at this scenario now. There is deep sense of disappointment among the sections of media. Harold Camping took away everything and electronic media and news publishers are now empty handed. It is a thought that a guy came and he took everyone for a ride including that person who sold his everything to wait for failed doomsday of may 21, 2011.

Doomsday has not been confirmed. Is it a bad news? Yes it is for newspapers and TV channels along with websites which support doomsday.  A failed doomsday is certainly a good news for rest of the world which include you and me.

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October 21, 2011 Doomsday Live News and Latest update

As the day unfolds, I and my friends will update this page with the latest happenings, scanning the news and media articles to see if there is something happening today, October 21, 2011.

It is 3:50 AM New York Time; There is no news of any thing happening or beginning to happen.  I am looking at the weather charts and also the seismic data to figure out if there are any changes happening deep level which are visible. The report is negative.  The geological conditions also seem stable so far. Harold Camping predicted the end of the world in the past as well. For his prediction of today, he is going to be no-show again.

It is interesting to see such predictions because people like Harold Camping make you feel that world still has space for foolish ideas and there is no value in them except their purpose to entertain us. David Icke and Harold Camping good job because they make you laugh and you learn the art of ignorance.  For now, the world is calmer place and better because some of remaining dictators are being wiped out by their own people. History is completing its circle but that is not related to doomsday of today. Watch this page for more updates as the day unfolds.

It is 5:50 AM NY Time, the day is peaceful than other days so far. There is no news of any sort of unusual news from anywhere. The internet is working fine and there is no disruption of any sort. Also, my mood is elevated today, I am not feeling anything negative. It is just a bit of toothache which is mild, apart from that things are in good shape. The traffic on the road is higher than usual, it is because of approaching festivals. Doomsday experts deserve applause for making me interested and lots of people are reading this page.  This page is being looked at the prime source of information on doomsday for today. It is not disappointing to see no-doomsday. We would all become insensitive to actual doomsday and would not even notice if it occurs in future. The doomsday seems to be an idea of empty minds and suits. There is nothing off track to report as of now. Yes, keep reading, we will report if there is anything of worth telling you periodically.

It is 11:30 AM NY Time, there is no update from all over the world if doomsday is occurring anywhere else. No doomsday is real sweet news.

It is 2:00 PM NY Time, half day is gone, there is no news of doomsday hitting the shores. Neither the doomsday making headlines on breaking news items.

It is 4:00 PM NY Time, There is no news from the other parts of the world. The doomsday is clear no show today.  The magnetic poles are intact and geological situations are stable. The doomsday does not get to see the light today. So far so good and it is better that we all are well.

It is 3:30 AM 22nd October, 2011, NY Time and Date; Everything is good except the reports of one earthquake of magnitude of 7.6 in Tonga, South Pacific. There is no new of damage yet. Apart from that particular news, there is no news of any unusual events.

For Gentleman named Harold Camping, it must be the last prediction of doomsday. And for those who wish to learn something from him, the most important lesson to learn is the art of manipulation and viral marketing to make fast and quick money.

With this last update, the update closes for now.  No doomsday leaves us having the beautiful world and enjoying the best of what life on earth can offer.

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October 21, 2011 Harold Camping Comes Calling Doomsday

This is the news again. Harold Camping has risen from his bed where he was sleeping due to old age and last prolonged illness.  So, what’s hot this time. There is nothing so hot that it would be picked up by the news media and internet sites. Harold Camping has been ignored this time as you scan the web for the news related to the doomsday of 2011, the Harold camping just appears in three news items.  It is not secret that he would be proven wrong this time. Beware, that you do not need to put your money on stake due to these theories. People like Harold and other so called doomsday experts appear sometime on the horizon and as their prophecies are proven wrong, they go away and are never accepted seriously. People laugh on them and they do not even realize that world is making fun of them.

For the October 21, 2011, just stay calm, nothing is going to happen. Last declaration by Harold camping was so loud that it almost broke a man who had sold everything and came to streets to wait for doomsday. The aftermath is of not worth of mentioning here.

There is nothing which could prove that world is ending on October 21 this year. Harold Camping is an old man. Probably he must respect the fact that world does not need his prophecies anymore.

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Is the Threat of October 21 2011 End of the World Credible?

There is the same old story being repeated again. Harold Camping had his reasons for predicting the May 21 2011 doomsday which has failed. Now the same reasons are being offered for Oct 21 2011 as well. There is nothing new in these predictions. The World is also not focusing on the new date. There are no reasons to believe that any doomsday date would correct.

Undoubtedly, October 21 2011 End of the World is another Hoax which is not even taking off this time. There are no threats of world being over this time. The doomsday experts have predicted that October 21 this year may show us some surprises. In the shadow of the predictions by Harold Camping, the things do not really look good. But you must consider Harold has been wrong all his life. He is fond of predicting bizarre events and none of those happened in reality.

If you play it all by logic and rationale, it becomes clear that doomsday experts are fooling around. Their level of IQ is questionable and if they think they can take world for ride, they are utterly mistaken. It would not be long when their predictions will be biting dust and they would be looking for cover.

If you believe in these modern mad saints who claim to know all, you may be mistaken to do so. Keep your eyes open and see the reasons yourself. This world is not going to end so soon. One thing is pretty clear so far is that, doomsday is just a non-existent stuff which has no presence in the history and in future. October 21, 2011 would be passed as the past has gone. You would not even notice anything if you are busy in your work. You must keep away from the sites which ask you to believe them without involving the logic. Blind faith is something which can be troublesome in future.

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Is Focus on Judgement Day of October 21 2011 or Just Another Hoax

With Harold Camping taking back seat and being in bad health at this stage of life is certainly giving the beaten looks to doomsday theories. Judgement day of October 21, 2011 is not being reported as it was the case of May 21, 2011. You need to understand the themes which were being played by several experts. Suddenly the experts have vanished and nobody is making enough news these days for the doomsday theories. Certainly the focus is not on the October 21, 2011, as there was no major incident citing the true nature of the events. Nothing happened on May 21, 2011 and soon after that Harold Camping fell ill. Many people sympathized with the man and of course he deserves that.

Coming back to the probable and false judgement day of 2011 would also prove to be hoax. This time the marketing companies are not making enough efforts to garner the publicity and media gimmicks .  I can see the media is taking very cautious approach to the news and stories emerging out the doomsayers.  The dooms day is not that way popular in culture in news.  You can think of the lost opportunities due to May 21 being false. Now almost all the sites are suffering because the cover was taken off too early.  Neither Harold Camping gets anything nor the supporters.

Judgement day of October will prove to be another hoax for sure. There are no reasons it can be true.  The good thing is that many monthly billed sites have gone away soon after may 21, 2011 was no show for doom events.  One can easily figure out now that there is something wrong with the things which do not have any base. The doomsday experts will vanish and the end of the world as told to be on October 21, 2011 is not going to happen. In that case, no serious doomsday expert will like to put his reputation on stake.  I do not see any wise guy doing that. What is the need of doing that when you can talk and write the symbols.

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Latest From Harold Camping; It is not over Yet. October 21 2011 is coming

I thought the circus is over and we all can go home and watch the television and those shows which are screaming for our attention and are better than Mr Camping’s theories.  I had this feeling that it would not be over so soon.  Why Read on!

Actually, Harold Camping designed whole this stuff so well that he would be able to engage the public for months. His prophecy included that May 21, 2011 would the rapture or Judgement day and October 21, 2011 would be the doomsday.  That is the clever part of the whole deal. Now May 21, 2011 had nothing that sort. Harold Camping says “it was silent judgement day” but October 21 would real and quick.”   As someone some said, you can not compete with the man who is old and knows with his experience the art of riding on the waves. Certainly Mr. Camping has the spirits of never going down.  It would have been better if Mr. Camping had invested his efforts, time and energies into something else.  Why something else? The theme and business of predicting end of the world is big grosser for Mr. Camping. People pay him money. He gets donation and other stuff through that. He is excelling into  something which he knows better and that is how to take masses on the ride.

Mr. Camping’s new date is based on the old calculations which have been proven wrong twice. It is beyond comprehension why media pays attention to this guy.  The media loves gimmicks and circus which is in the full view.  So, October 21, 2011 would be like May 21, 2011. Yes or No. Camping may even not know the uselessness of his predictions. He may believe in his prediction so much that it is blinding the logic and so are his followers.

Anyone who talks crazy about the end of the world, has lost his mind. Thats it! Do you still wish to wait for October 21, 2011 doomsday? Well, just stay with us on this site. The ride is going to entertaining for sure.

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