Doomsday January 01 2017 or 01012017

How credible is the threat with this new doomsday. Doomsday01012017,  Doomsday03,  Doomsday20170101 are the same names and forms of the term given to Doomsday January 01 2017. Last failed doomsday was in 2012. There is roughly 5 years of difference to new date. Let’s examine to see what it is actually.

Angel Gabriel has been associated with this prediction by unknown sources but credited to The Sword of God Brotherhood. I seriously think that both these associations are wrong and factually incorrect.

The first doubt is on the existence of The Sword of God Brotherhood. This particular group may not be in any form these days. Or may be just few believers grouped together.

The other doubt is, even if The Sword of God Brotherhood exists today. Why Gabriel will choose this group. Angel Gabriel had access to great prophets and other great personalities in his time-line.

What is predicted by this cult is that only believers will survive and all others will be dead. This is great plan to increase the membership through unknown fear.

Choosing 01 January to base the doomsday prediction is a bad idea.  The new year must be celebrated with hope and enthusiasm.  Why these same people do not predict the next earthquake. The reason is, their being proved fraud, the chances are greater. With doomsday prediction, they always say that they made mistakes in calculations and here is the new date.

Just do not worry. Nothing is going to happen. Relax. Follow your plan.


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Nikon D810 Camera for Microstock Photography, Review and opinion

Should I upgrade to Nikon D810 Camera for microstock photography work?

Well, this question deserves an answer and of course it makes sense to go deeper to invest some time to understand whether it is sensible to upgrade to this camera which is worth of $2000 or so. This is a serious money and the most serious if it does not work in microstock markets.

Going by the market standards and the experience of the people who owned Nikon D800 or D800e model of Nikon, reported the higher earning and increased revenue after they upgraded from their previous models of cameras.  There are various agencies which are camera neutral, and it means; they are not going accept what ever you submit directly from any camera.

So, what makes this Nikon D810 camera worth for your work and selling images commercially. Well, it makes some sense to examine the specifications of this new camera. The specs look perfect and this 36 MP camera with Full Frame capabilities is certainly the top notch.  $2000 may not be earned very soon if you are just beginning in the microstock markets.

If you are established contributor and earning great money even today’s times, you are certainly a candidate who can and should invest in this camera.

Canon may be able to match D810 so soon because their line-up is not seeing any new entry so soon.  Canon may be working on something path breaking technology as I see in some forums. Canon users have 5D MarkIII system already which is expensive but very good camera for professional work.  Model shoot is a different paradigm and that requires much more than a nice camera.

Should you upgrade to Nikon D810 or not?  Well, the decision is entirely yours. Consider this; if you bought D800 or D800e recently, I do not see any point upgrading to D810.  There is no need to upgrade because there are no real benefits which would impact the quality of image which is everything.

Your camera may be the most expensive one but at the end of the day, the quality of image matters and if it is not there, the instruments are useless or may be you are not able to harness their full capabilities.

What about buying D810 as the first camera? Well, there is a learning curve attached with all DSLR cameras. It is good choice to begin with this particular camera. You would need extensive know-how to make it work the way it is expected.  If you have money and interest in learning about DSLR then go for it.  You would be having giant in your hand which you must explore to make that work.

What about replacing Canon old camera with Nikon 810?  Changing from one brand to another is not an easy choice because you build your kit and lens system around your camera. If you see real benefits changing from old brand to new brand, you would be investing much more than you can think because you would need to replace everything.  May be some lenses could be mounted on new camera but largely it would require a re-think and re-do everything from scratch. It is an expensive decision and if you need to do for sure, then only go for it otherwise live with your Canon camera and wait for Canon to release something new.

Will there be impact on earning in Microstock market with this camera? Yes, certainly, you would see the improved earnings and improved sale for sure. BUT, image from camera is half work done.  Rest half is always done and completed in post production or post processing stage which takes time.  A finished image in microstock market is result of camera and some manual work by photographer or the editor.


We publish Microstock related advice and the better ways to make it work at following categorized page:

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What to do after buying DSLR Camera

More people are buying DSLR cameras and as those are affordable now.  Though there may be reason such as you can afford the camera but has no reason or talent or interest to pursue the new hobby.  This post and series is not for the people who can just afford it. It is for those people who have passion for creating art or of some commercial value.

I am going to write a series for the people who are new to DSLR camera. Let’s begin!!

You got your DSLR camera and exploring what it can do for you.  Your exposure to point and shoot cameras propels you click the pictures right away after unpacking the box. You take some pix and load them to your laptop and begin to view. Are you impressed? No, absolutely no. The pix look not so good as compared to point and shoot results. You go back to the sites where you read the reviews and begin to wonder why those samples look better and your photos look dull.  You go back to your camera and put the camera to auto mode and click some pix. Now they look better.  But that is the not point for buying and expensive DSLR.  It is time to do some serious research into camera and its technology.

The very first thing you have to do , is to attend a DSLR basics class in your city. Nikon has great setup with Nikon School which arranges DSLR classes almost in all big cities around the world. It does not cost much money.  In my city it costed me $9 for 5-6 hour long class. It exposes you to technology and your new camera. You are half ready now.

It will take at least one year to get rightly accustomed to your DSLR Camera. As they say, the first 10,000 images are always crap. But as you move forward, you gain a lot and produce better images.

The cliché is to click great photo every time not occasionally.

If you are new to DSLR Camera, Please attend a DSLR Basics Class or see some related videos on Youtube.

Will write next part soon!!!



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We are back and with great stuff again

We are back after long gap and now we are preparing to make it better. Doomsday theme would not be repeated because there is no fun there now.  No new dates of doomsday yet, as we go ahead if we find anything interesting on doomsday front, this would be your blog to get the latest and catchy news items.

We are booked for longer time now. The hosting space and registration was renewed and so we are again with the legacy of offering the best content to our readers.

Watch for the best news pieces here.  Our next venture is Microstock Photography!! . We have made great progress on that front with over 1200 images on sale. Some of the freshest images will be shared here as well. The look of this site would be considered to change and of course we are look for what else can make it more interesting. Someone suggested that we should write dating advice here. We have some talent in our team which can suggest great ideas.

Yeah, we read books, news papers and scan lot of other sources of news.  For last few years, we just focused on photography business. We do not have our shop or booth. We are working with 8-10 agencies and all those agencies are supported by their own staff.  We are using what they have to offer us.

Are we getting any payouts? A few but not much. The time is looking ahead for new images. We do photography, edit, upload and improve and plan for new locations to go.

I lead the team on that front. Doomsday theme is very close to my heart and will remain so. The doomsday news section would remain here and available to read.


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