Colonial World and 2012 Doomsday

Powerful Countries still have colonies.  These no-countries have serious problem if doomsday 2012 comes.

Well, it pains to see the colonies of powerful nations. These colonies still exist in many parts of the world. For example the Caribbean Islands have two islands namely Turks and Caicos.  The special part is that these two islands are still colonies of Britain.  British monarchy appoints governor there.  These islands exist very far away from Britain where it has got nothing to do except to rule the islands.  The list is pretty long for these no-countries. You can check the complete list of the countries which are still waiting independence from powerful countries.  The list is here.

Now comes the serious issue. In case of any natural or man-made disaster on the large scale. These no-countries face maximum risk. Powerful nations which are controlling them, will have their own main-land problems to deal with. If doomsday 2012 comes true, these territories will be neglected and left alone to deal with itself.  There are many poor territories in the list which will not have means to defend themselves.  Western Sahara is governed by Spain and one fails to understand what is Spain doing there in 21st century.

Greedy nations do not care about the colonies. They are there till they have controlling power. Beyond that, one has to find the means to survive their own. No political system in a territory will lead to total collapse of the systems if large scale events take place.

I will not go into the debate of who should govern what. The point here is, people living in these territories must make themselves self-sufficient if the doomsday 2012 occurs and they should be able to live beyond that.

Colonies in 21st century is a serious issue. There are no doubts. The people should have their own government. Powerful nations have enough of the problems to deal with themselves in their own country.

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