Crop Circles, Any pointers to 2012 Doomsday?

The science of faking art and making big news out that.

Crop Circles are examples of how people at mass level can be taken for ride.  My recommendation to any one is, begin with reading wiki page of crop circles.

According to several researches, crop circles can be faked. and can be manufactured using the simple tools. May be someone is able to implant a crop circle over night in some fields. There are wild possibilities. One of them is wild and bad case is of aliens creating these crop circles in UK and all over the world.

For instance, let’s assume that aliens created crop circle and they are telling us something about 2012.  Even if it is true, the crop circles contain no message for us. The theories are aplenty and the possible explanations do not point to anything worth to mention. The crop circles are in full symmetry and that is what puts them to the fake cases. The aliens making these designs must be in full knowledge of the rules of geometry. The nature does not have which is fully geometric  but sub sets of the geometrical objects. The crop circles and doomsday 2012 does not point to any particular date or so called warning. The maya civilization might not be having any knowledge of these crop circles in the old eras. Now there are many experts who link two of them together. The crop circles can be explained with the studies and nothing seems to be making sense as far as 2012 doomsday is concerned.

Again a bad science spoiling the efforts of the people who are trying to make sense of many things. The doomsday 2012 is certainly one of those things which seem impossible for now.

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