Crowdsourcing the Doomsday 2012 Theories, Debunking or Supporting both

On broader level, the doomsday theories are utilizing crowdsourcing to win more supporters. Crowdsource is a new-age term which defines the movements at the larger level where lots of people with diverse backgrounds are involved in common cause.

You can name it crowdsourcing or the participation of the by-standers who had no interest earlier but they become part of the doomsday theories now. Some of them do not like the theories, they turn into debunkers. While those who like the doomsday theories, they end-up supporting and telling the people why they should believe that doomsday 2012 is a true event.

The technology is playing important role here. Crowdsourcing with the help of social media, discussion groups, chat boards is leading the way.  Suppose someone is searching for a general term say dog food, and coincidently, he lands at the site where doomsday topics are being discussed. The new user may be converted into supporter of detractor, depending on the material which he read for the first time.  If internet is not there, the doomsday theories would be very expensive to crowdsource.

On a bigger note,  you search the web for any doomsday related keywords, you would find numerous sites. Some of them are real bad and do not have anything worth to read. The crowdsourcing ideas can benefit few hundred web sites which would have more readers because crowdsourcing moves with the chain of the linked nodes. One node discovers new node automatically and the ring is formed.  Doomsday 2012 may not be true, but crowdsourcing is certainly making right way of promoting the ideas.

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