Daniel Pinchbeck, Just Another Doomsday Expert

Why is Daniel Pinchbeck confused?

To anyone, in first glances Daniel Pinchbeck looks intelligent and sounds logical.  As you go on exploring his ideas and his books, you would realize that he is just another player of the words who knows how to take someone on the ride.  Let’s find out what Daniel Pinchbeck is up to.

Daniel Pinchbeck wrote a book titled “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl” in 2007. The cover of book has a green crop circle.  The book deals about the 2012 and how world is going to emerge from there.  The problem with this book is there is no event or thought in this book which would require year 2012 to come. He makes several points like new humanity is going to emerge. If you want new humanity to emerge why you need year 2012? Thats beyond logic.  Is he saying that humans are incapable or doing it before 2012 and some miracle is going to happen in 2012 and everything will change.

Daniel Pinchbeck advocates the substances which are hallucinating and he thinks new humanity can emerge from there where the an average person would be using the substances. Is that intelligent?

Coming back to 2012 doomsday theories, what is Daniel Pinchbeck’s stake? He has a book and he might improve the sale of the book by riding media hype.  Writing a book, selling it and making sense of it, sometimes do not go together.

According to Daniel Pinchbeck, in 2012, humans will need to decide what they want to do and where they want to go from there.  Is that subjective? Humans are deciding where they want to go almost daily. Is he talking about a common decision at the mass level. History never witnessed that and is not going to do in future.

The civilization in our times, is not collective and has no common path. The political and social systems are non-linear and are not dependent on others to survive. In such situation, the changes in humanity at the mass level, are not possible.  Doomsday experts are just good at making noises which is full of religious crap and pieces assembled from here and there.

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