Debunking and Supporting Doomsday 2012 is same thing

Debunkers and Supporters of Doomsday 2012 appear to be on two opposite lines but they are not.  Read on!

Lets take a look how debunkers and supporters are placed.  Both groups believe, they are right.  Supporters have begin to believe strongly doomsday theories are correct while the debunkers think doomsday theories are wrong. Well, saying this is easier than proving anything. Both the groups stand on the same ground that is very thin. Neither supporters not debunkers can provide credible proof of their way of outlook of doomsday.

Now comes the money. Ironically, many people think that supporters are more in numbers compared to who debunk doomsday.  Many people have created the sites and written the books to earn money through the theme. Those individuals may not believe privately that doomsday is true. But showing to the world that your site supports it, can make money.  The other people who debunk and have sites which tell people not to believe the doomsday theories are also on the same grounds.  Although lesser number of people who believe that doomsday is false, become the visitors of those sites.

Not many people are interested to know why doomsday is false.  Thousands of the people want to know why doomsday would occur.  It is interesting mix of the themes. It is difficult to support either groups because both of them do not present strong proofs of their theories.

I have seen people carrying the cards and other materials either supporting or debunking the theories. You can make it profitable both ways either you support the theories of doomsday or you oppose them. It all depends how many people you get to read what you presented online.  The real thing is, Supporters and debunkers both are ill-prepared to support their claims.

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