Did John Titor Say about 2012?

John Titor, a Time Traveler said something about 2012? Was he fake with weird predictions?

For those who do not know who John Titor was,  let me run a quick introduction. In November 2000, John appeared in many chat rooms, claiming that he is a time traveler from 2036. He kept posting his messages till March 2001. After that it is believed he went to back to future.  There are several debates about the validity of the claims of his existence.  The other interesting part is his predictions.

John in chat rooms point that a civil war is going to end in 2012. According to him, WWIII or World War  III is going be very short.

Lets go back to his claims. Do you read it correctly, he did not say world will end in 2012.  Even, he did not point that doomsday is going to occur in 2012.  John was an intelligent hoax. There are no doubts. He predicted some events of 2005 and 2009. Nothing of that sort happened so far. We are not in the conflict at the large level.

Some of the claims of John Titor are so weird that they do not make sense at all. Such an intelligent fellow, how come if he is from future, will not tell us what is going to happen in next years.  For example John said, 2012 will be the 7th year of civil war.  Is it so? Do we see civil war anywhere? No. Then, how 2012 is going to be year when something will end which has not even been started yet?

John presents a nice story to read. Beyond that, nothing makes sense. Another example of hoax on internet.  But John succeeded in creating big hype during those years.  I think we do not need more such stories anymore.  Doomsday Experts need to decide whether John is right or they.  At least one of them is wrong.

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