Disturbed Mind of Teacher Wang : Great Fraud Among Simple People in Taiwan

People in Taiwan may not have thought about the doomsday so far.  If they haven’t then here comes the great fraud from someone called Teacher Wang. He predicted that Taiwan will meet the earthquakes of magnitude of 14.  His propaganda machine ran over the day and nights and the result is the situation of worry and anger at the mass level. Thousands of the people gathered in his shelters. Did it come for free. Teacher Wang is not a very generous man. He can tell you something about the doomsday but if you have save yourself then you have to pay lot of money to teacher Wang and his pupils.

According to Teacher Wang, the doomsday date in Taiwan is 11th May.  He says on 11th May, all this will happen when you would see the giant waves which will have earthquake as well.  Don’t worry Teacher Wang is selling the space in container for high price for one person. Is this guy crazy? The police also thinks the same.  The full investigations are on whether Teacher Wang has got hand-in-glove with the container business owners.

Teacher Wang is what sort of teacher. He may know the answer. So far, he is a face less entity making tall claims.  This guy must be set responsible for spreading rumors and creating panic in public. Is that not a crime? Yes it is but there are only few penalties.  So Teacher Wang thinks, even if he has to pay the penalties then those would just be affordable while he can make much larger money with his doomsday predictions.

So far, it does not sound credible.  Teacher Wang must be watched carefully for his gimmicks and his ways to make fast money. Why is he being accepted as teacher in first place. Nobody has right to play with the sensibilities of the public.  The rumor mongers are the biggest threat than having the actual doomsday.

Simple people in Taiwan are being misled by Teacher Wang. Is that no offence?

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