Do Hurricanes point to Doomsday 2012?

List of Hurricanes expected to arrive in 2012

Latest Hurricane Alex in US and the gone Phet in Indian Ocean were not only powerful but also devastating as well.  Many people believe that hurricanes are becoming powerful with each passing year. The global warming may be somewhat responsible for the phenomena but largely there is nothing which can be accounted for the rising hurricanes.

There are some names available of the hurricanes which are expected to come in 2012.  The names are common and have nothing unusual. The names of the hurricanes have many entries and do not suggest anything unusual.

All over the world the hurricanes are listed in WMO site. There is nothing alarming or the known dates of the arrival of hurricane in the world. Some of them may come and while others will never come.

Everyone asks a question “What it would that will bring the doomsday of 2012?”. Apparently, there is nothing which can be foretold about any natural phenomena. These hurricanes are formed without any pre-warning. There are some sophisticated systems which can tell you in some days advance but not in advance by years. It is too early to predict anything about 2012 hurricanes. The list is simple names nothing more than that.  Some theorists may point out one of these hurricanes timing with 21 December 2012. Let me set it clear that these are just names nothing beyond that. You must not be alarmed to see the list. It is normal for a year to have few hurricanes.  So, 2012 will also have its share of hurricanes.  Nothing unusual about that.

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