Does Iceland Volcano Point to 2012 Doomsday?

This is probably the newest debate in many internet boards.  There are several new experts (I tried to find the name of one expert at least), according to many articles appearing in many sites, who are making claims that Iceland volcano eruption points to 2012 doomsday theories. Several of them think that it is precursor to the activities which are going to lead to doomsday.  Many people fear that another Volcano Katla may wake-up from the long sleep.

Well, even if we believe that it is one of the doomsday scenario, its scale is not that large or big.  It does not have the potential to be called a precursor to doomsday. Volcanoes have been in the history of earth and there is nothing fancy about them to link them to any of doomsday theories.

Does sunspots affect volcanoes? There is no possible link which has been established. Right now, we see everything being linked to one or another theory. The problem in these theories is, there is either bad science or no science at all. If you examine one of these theories, you would realize it does not make sense at all to link volcanoes to sunspots.  Sunspots have been regular activities and there are no volcanoes which got active in state due to sunspots. There is no established link so far.

Anyone who wants to read about volcanoes and active ones, must head to wiki page at least once.  If say tomorrow, my coffee spills over the table, will it too have relation to 2012 doomsday? I am sure, If I tell the story to one of the expert, he will find the links and texts from the old books linking spilling of coffee to doomsday scenario.

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