Doomsday 2012 and Search for Aryan Connection

Aryans have the historic links with central Asia. They lived there for centuries and then something happened they begin to migrate to different parts of the world. Aryans had legacy of being the sons of God and were supposed to come to earth for only purpose that was rule the world. Hitler believed in same ideology and used to think of himself as one of leaders of aryan race. Can Doomsday 2012 have some relationship with Aryan race?

Aryan history is full of controversies. Some historians believe they invaded India and while others think Aryan were Indian people. Discovery of India book sheds some light on this subject. What is unbelievable is that Aryans missed to mention the doomsday. The wheel of time was categorized by Aryans in many of their books. Aryans wrote many great books and also theorized many hypothesis. Aryans looked at the time as sections of many Yugas.

If doomsday occurs, it would be beginning of next Yuga according to various shashtras. Aryans were considered very learned people that time and they were more over contemporary to other cultures and civilizations of that time. Aryans books must have the doomsday or end of the world mentioned somewhere. If doomsday is so big event, it can not be missed by the old Aryan civilization.

There must be some link and connection to various Vedas and doomsday of 2012 or any date such as May 21 or October 21, 2011. Also, there must be some similarities between Mayan and Aryan civilizations. It is not possible Mayan mentions doomsday and Aryan miss it all-together. Someone may come forward with the research in mythology and offer some possible links or establish the connection between doomsday and Aryan theories.

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