Doomsday 2012 Apocalypse, is it Fact or Fiction?

What is the exact meaning of apocalypse? Well, Many people equate it with the end of the world. The literal meaning of apocalypse is to bring hidden things to light, the things which were not known before but were hidden for very long time. In fictions there are many movies and novels which feature the apocalypse themes. However, there must be some theories behind the linkage of doomsday with something hidden which can be known by the masses.

Almost all the doomsday theories point to one or few common aspects.  The common points are; world will exist even after so called doomsday.  May be someone is trying to say something dark and mysterious will be known to the people after doomsday. It all remains in the realms of theories and imaginations. You never know which one is true because none of them can show you the proof of existence of apocalypse.

Apocalypse is certainly about the scale of the events and disturbing reality.  Even the big bang like events can not be put into the category of apocalypse type.  In the history of earth so far, there are no events which can be termed as as real apocalypse type.

Emanuel Swedenborg had written great deal of such things in his book Apocalypse Revealed which is the volume of religious and mystical studies.  It is loosely based on Biblical theories and book of revelation.

To discover, apocalyptic facts and situations one may have to go into deep jungles and away from civilization. May be you would be able to discover something hidden. In urban life, apocalypse we see everyday in stock markets.  Better not to have apocalypse and doomsday together teaming up.

Doomsday 2012 and apocalypse both seems to be the finest pieces of fiction which are good to read as stories of no-substance.

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