Doomsday 2012 Bible Way

The religion and the holy books have been subject of curiosity and have attracted thousands of the faithful followers from all over the world. And perhaps, it attracted the people who are empty-headed as well. The latest twist is, doomsday experts believe that Bible has Doomsday 2012 codes.  The Bible’s use has been subjected to churches and the religious followers and must remain in that realm only.  No religious book rules the world and the heads of the followers.  Doomsday experts make use of everything which they feel people are attached to. Bible has become a kind of tool for them to twist and suit the words to their theories.  A logical approach points to the facts that there is nothing which can be credible in Bible from the point of view of 2012 doomsday.  There are several ways to look at the problem at hand.  None from Vatican tells us so far, if doomsday is coming to us.  Popes and the high-seat owners there, are not uneducated ( I assume they are not). Doomsday experts spending few hours and looking at honest text of Bible find the deep secrets which are proven by time worth of zero cents ( currency not traded).  So what is in there for someone who says he has secret discovered in Bible 2012? Such doomsday experts have ready-to-listen audiences and probably the read-to-buy the books readers.

The God is subjected to manipulation on wide-scale and there are many professions which can not work if God is not included there as a party ( co-owner of the business).

Bible is interpreted as it suits to several groups.  There are many versions and and the written words can have several meanings. Thats what doomsday experts ( who sound intelligent but are idiots) are doing for now. Bible has a take in doomsday 2012 market and doomsday experts know well how to use it to sell their material to the people who may take their words little more seriously.

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