Doomsday 2012 Food Ideas for Survival

As we are the species which needs to eat food to survive.  Humans do not have natural means to survive without food for several days.  Humans need water and food to keep the body functioning.  Several serious issues can occur if the water is not taken periodically.  It is essential for humans to keep their stomach full for generating energy.  One needs to understand the basic fact, humans need energy at the primary level not as such food per say. Eaten food works like fuel which provides warmth and energy to the body and brain so that it can work perfectly. Keeping in mind these facts, here are some food ideas which can work during extreme or doomsday like scenarios.

  1. Lean to eat the unprocessed, uncooked and natural food which is abundantly available.
  2. Fish and other water animals can be good source of food.
  3. You can sample the leaves of the trees and plans to find out if eating them is safe.
  4. Learn to lit the fire with natural articles. It would help you to get the warm food even in deep woods.
  5. You must find out how the food items can be preserved for longer time. The duration would depend on the area you live in.
  6. Dry-fruits, beans and edible plants must be found in the jungle and you must know how best you can use them.
  7. Most important, if you get some seeds, you must learn art of growing crops.
  8. With little efforts you can have your food although not that one which you expect.
  9. The fresh water can be arranged from the ponds and other water bodies. You would need to remove the impurities with the help of clothes and rocks. Finally water will be usable.
  10. Cook for groups and discuss with them the best plans for future to arrange the right quantities of the food.
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