Doomsday 2012 Related News Make Great Folklore of Our Times

2012 Doomsday phenomenon is certainly making the rounds in media, newspapers and most important electronic media such as TV and internet. Doomsday related blogs and sites have their own way of presenting the things. Some of them amount to mere amusing posts. Many experts have discussed the ways which can be used by masses to survive 2012. Everything has been linked to Doomsday. Some of these elements include Pole Shift, Mayan calendar and yeah unknown planet called Niburu. Everyday, there is a new theory of doomsday.

There are many songs, stories, movies, documentaries and other such things which have filled our times with the things which can be used for reading, watching and entertaining ourselves. There are many experts who say that there is no doomsday. Also, there are many astrologers who have provided 2012 doomsday or end or the world predictions. I got chance to interact with the people who are considered experts of interpreting Bible prophecies related to doomsday. Some of those ideas are very much amusing.

Many people are not happy with the History channel which is supposed to have aired the 2012 doomsday related series of documentary.  You can find many sties which have even the doomsday clocks as well. The wiki page is among the most interesting pages written on doomsday.

This all good to read and future generations will remember our times through the stories related to doomsday. The great folklore is in making courtesy doomsday sites.

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