Doomsday 2012 Short RSS Feeds can Save Lives

Short RSS Feeds can be of great value when you have no time to read the full text but would like to have life saving tips as soon as possible.  All this can come to your phone provided post and during the doomsday scenarios the Internet is not down.

Thousands of the bloggers are spending great time writing the materials either supporting or debunking the theories.  I think we are getting too much carried away by the waves of the theories.  What the world needs is the way and mechanism of the information being available when it is needed most.  The RSS feeds are great choices when you have to offer the fewer content to read.

RSS feed of one or two lines can be of great value. Some one can break the long procedure of rescuing the people into smaller one liner steps that can be relayed as RSS feeds online. Most of the phones are Internet enabled these days and even the most basic phones have apps which can read the feeds.  The special RSS entries coming directly from the sites would certainly be helpful when someone wants to know the way to escape and save others as well.

Some rescue plans and life saving procedures can be presented with short text as that would not take very long time to read and understand. The step-wise procedure would be easier to follow. If doomsday comes calling in 2012,  the RSS Feeds of short message would be one of the most demanded things.

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