Doomsday and Test of Moral Values

The real test of humanity is always in the depth of the crisis. Will we fail together or survive?

May be we hold few things so dear that we begin to make judgmental errors.  Many people do not like happiness because they think sadness will follow it.  The vice versa is also true.

Life long teachings and the life from beginning to end focuses on being good human being.  On the face of it, in the stories, fictions and novels, we often find that people were able to hold the true values very high. Unfortunately, real life is little different.

In real life we experience the greed of corporate world.  Use of humans by profit hungry companies and individuals. The point and argument is, majority of the people think that moral values must remain in the thoughts only. The open and world out there has competition which is not very kind. The doomsday event can spark the big troubles. It may resemble the scene of War of the World, in one scene crowd tries to take away the car from the family.

The crisis of doomsday scale can bring the anarchy and anger on the front. Hungry people with out food go deep down to the roots and the moral values become secondary.

I am hopeful, few of the us do, can and will still hold the moral values very high when the life of others is more important. The true test of moral values in crisis brings the heroes to us and we remember them for very long time to come. People who cared for others and will care for others in doomsday events, will always be treated with respect and our gratitude to them.

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